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  • Benny Benny Sep 20, 2012 4:26 PM Flag

    Sam Hornish Jr

    I see that Sam will be in Kentucky all weekend for the Nationwide race, and NOT in New Hampshire. Does this mean Yahoo will have him as a N/E or N/A for the Sprint Cup race?

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    • Same thing happened with me earlier this year but with a different substitution and not Blaney! I think that Sam will take the practice and Quals off on Friday so he can focus on the Nationwide Championship run. This being said, he intends to occupy the 22 car on race day! He did fine last time he did this so I wouldn't worry none. I will say though, that Sam has really been a good sport through everything this team has accomplished and like Rusty, I feel he got a bad deal! It's good that Mr. Penske hears these things from his past. I feel he is making a terrible advancement toward his future, by going into Ford. Penske and Ford are terrible match ups. It'll be like Pontiac and DeLorean. Sure we got the Goat, great car in '71, but we ended up with a time machine that just didn't work. I believe Penske has lost his mind. The only way he can do well with Ford is too develope a hybrid. Roger only wants to concentrate on Indy. he's getting out of Nascar in a few years. He's sold off most of his assets, so it's coming, trust me.

    • You are all such cry-babies! Anyone with half a brain knew Hornish wasn't qualifying or practicing the car this weekend, even though he is still racing. Vickers is the best C driver, and you all have enough starts left of him (He hasn't even run 9 races). If you all had half a brain, you would have picked Vickers as your no doubt starter, and Almirola as your benched driver (Best option other than obvious Hornish). YOU ALL DID THIS TO YOURSELVES!

    • Why the heck doesn't the Yahoo Race site list Sam Hornish as NE when we make our picks?? This is not the first time this has happened this season with Sam. It is not FAIR to us to eliminate one of our drivers and not give us the chance to replace him. This automatically puts us one driver behind others. We are in the Chase and this site is costing me points. Hopefully in the Future you will learn to play fairly and give your players an even chance.

    • It looks like ANOTHER N/E again but not posted until AFTER we had to pick our drivers!

    • More than likely Sam will be listed NE, but will race at Loudon, thus scoring race points but not Q points. Blaney will be credited with the Q points but not race points. The 22 team will make pit selection based on Blaney's Q position but start in the back with Sam at the helm.

      I'm order to score all points awarded to the 22 this weekend, you will need to have Blaney and Hornish as your C group drivers. I do not recommend doing that however...


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      • Hey Kid Bro - I considered putting Blaney on for Q points - in a good car, he is a kick-!!!! qualifier. That's why the start&park team (Prism Motorsports) hired him a few years back - he could get their **** cars in the show....and, he's gotten some top 3's for Tommy Baldwin since he started there, in those cars! But, if something happened to Vickers, I'd be in trouble.....hope I don't end up thinking, "No Guts, No Glory" with regret, LOL....

    • Wow. If that is true then I will have to sub another driver for Hornish


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