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  • Adam In Lost Angeles Adam In Lost Angeles Sep 17, 2012 4:47 PM Flag

    "Starts left" means what exactly? Sry, I'm new.

    I see the phrase "Starts left" being used but I do not understand what this means.
    1) Does it mean that that driver will not be driving in the race?
    2) Does it mean that that driver WILL be driving but just not at the beginning of the race?
    3) So what if the driver doesn't start?
    4) Why should one who is playing fantasy auto racing care about "starts left'?


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    • I don't believe there is a stupid question. Many things can be answered by reading the rules. But even the rules are not always clear and understandable IMO to a newbie. Always feel free to ask a question, there are a multitude of decent knowledgeable people out here willing to help.

      Regrettably, you will also get some not so nice answers by some. Don't let those bug you.

      You will also receive some facetious answers such as m gave you below.

    • LOL m.

      Hi Adam. "Starts Left" refers to the number of times you may "start" a given driver.

      For instance: I have started Dale Jr. 6 times now and have 3 "Starts Left" for Jr.

      As has been explained, you get 9 starts per driver each season. If you happened to have started later in the season, you would have gotten fewer starts per driver.

      For instance: If you just joined Yahoo Fantasy Racing, you would only have received 3 starts per driver to finish out the season.

      On your team page, there is a box following the name of each driver on both your Starters and your Bench. The number within that box are your "Starts Left" for that driver.

      If you scroll down to the driver list. You will notice a column which says "Starts Left". In that column there is a box with a number within it. Those are your current "Starts Left" for that particular driver.

      For instance: I have started Biffle 9 times already this season. Next to his name, is a Red box with a big Zero in it. I won't receive any more points for Biffle.

      Tony Stewart OTOH I have had on the Bench, but I have never Started him. Thus I have 9 Starts currently remaining for him.

      A driver on your Bench, does not use a "Start". Only drivers in your "My Starters" column will use a "Start".

      Hope this helps.

    • only 9 uses per season, once you have used a driver 9 times for the year. they will no longer score any points for your team.



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