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  • Cliff Cliff Sep 16, 2012 8:48 PM Flag

    Chicagoland Points

    Got a 338 and pulled to 7 points behind 1st in my main league :-D One other guy got a 347 so I was 2nd for the week, but he's like 300 behind me for the season so I'm not terribly concerned (yet :-o )

    Season rank:
    9,019(+2,288) 95th

    Which is nice, but a couple weeks ago I was 7xxx in the 96th percentile before I got kilt by the Richmond Shuffle towards the end :-p

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    • WTG Cliff! Congrats man.

      I pulled off a 1st in the spring and summer segs and am still first overall. But I dropped to third in the playoffs seg so far. Full season is all I am really counting anyway.

      My current playoffs rank is the lowest I have been all season at 59,090 (+9,948). The two in my league that beat me this week have been coming on really strong though as of late. Am pretty sure I got the season clinched with an 850 point lead LOL, but ya never know. The way they have been coming on, I may not regain the lead in the playoff seg, and they have been hitting 340+ pretty regularly as of late.

      I got passed this week by a couple of guys that I know like I was standing still in the top 50 though. LOL, Oh wait, I did practically stand still. I dropped from 44th last week to 45th this week. They shot up from just outside the top 50 to 26th and 36th respectively. Solotrekker [EV] who MoToR spoke of in the "Chopping Block" thread is now 26th. And another is climbing the ranks and has made it to 70th overall.

      Am gonna be looking to pull the ol' crossover move and pass them back by next week LMAO.

      Congrats and a good week and good luck on the season.


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