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  • There was a typo, it should have read I'm "Not" telling you to quit. I was only stating my point of view. We gave pritzi hell for having 7-8 posts on a thread and no one else. Don't feel bad I gave you the same grief. What does it matter what I think anyway? You do put up posts about Nascar, and when you leave Kyle out of it they are always really good.

    As far as me replying to my own posts, if no one replies to it, I let it float away, I don't keep pushing it to the top for no reason. Go back in time on this board and you will see where I tried to put good nascar posts out but no one cared so I let it fall off.

    It wouldn't be so bad if maybe once or twice you had something to say about your guy. It is 100 to 1 on Kyle post to Harvick posts for you. Someone who really hates him would not want to even speak his name. Why would you want to keep Kyle as topic if you didn't want to hear/read his name?

    This Time I'm going to get it right. LoL. I'm not telling you to quit. This is a free country and you can say what you want. (or what Yascrew will allow LoL) As a friend I'm only pointing out how you look to everyone. Everyone knows the 2 drivers I would love to have seen miss the chase are Carl and Kyle. Yet I don't have to post it every time I come on here. That is all I'm saying. I actually feel sorry for Carl in a way. It was not his doing that caused it. Much like Kyle I think he was told to cool his jets. He can't figure out how to win with out taking out the car in front of him... I still think those 2 are going to mess things up for chasers. I think nonchasers will win more than chasers the next 10 races.

    Your probably mad and that's fine, it is not like I have ever made someone upset.... Hell it is not like I have never made you upset. LoL. I will say this though, I was watching inside Nascar on showtime (awesome show) They did some in car on Kyle and it is my belief he quit, CC asked him what he wanted done to the car, he replied "I don't Care" The pitstop late hurt him but as usual he choked under the pressure. He did have one great line, maybe it was his brother, I wasn't watching it but listening and he said " I got a whole bucket of F'ed here" LoL.


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    • im not mad.i actually been wet sanding my car all day.that is a pain in the #$%$i hope it looks good when im done.got to go back out for little longer,talk to you all later.
      P.S. nascar rules WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    • Well put bro!

      Anyone who truly doesn't like tombo, does not truly know tombo.

      Very few people get my sense of humor, usually if I'm getting a dig at someone, it only means I like them. Other times I'm reacting rather than responding which leads to hard feelings. I tend to get a little full of myself from time to time, but that's what makes me Da Goat. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I argue/debate for that exact reason.

      MoToR, I know you know me well enough that it doesn't effect our friendship, other people I'm not so sure about. Some things just take time.


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