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  • Mr Sunday☼ Mr Sunday☼ Sep 13, 2012 2:42 PM Flag

    NN's Chase league

    5 A guys twice..This will be a challenge also cause, some will be having a really bad chase and some better than others. Come the end of the season,you might find that it would have been better to use certain driver else where .Knowing which A driver runs better at tracks will help out some,but this is the chase and they all seem to be on their game and not knowing how a race will end with fuel mileage/crashes ect..ect. We`ve all had that happen before and you might think your out and wont gain on anyone for the rest of the year..Not true,some others could fall into that in area in another race and you just might having a great race going which would put you back in the running. Or i could be just blowing smoke up your ask and be completely off on anything i just said. I got nothing on predictions, but nobody is talking out here anyways.


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