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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Sep 15, 2012 7:09 PM Flag

    Chicagoland Picks

    Why should I...?

    I got taken to the woodshed over responding, not engaging. Then I go there to chat with some old buddies and what do I find... ? You're a two faced POS for nailing me to a cross and turning right around and yukking it up with them.

    I don't take lightly to having people call me out, then run right over to the others involved and being cordial while they do the exact same thing I was beat down for.You have a problem with me, I could really care less because apparently that's how you want it, I cannot change that, don't care to either.

    BTW... You are not the only person to serve his country, just the only one so insecure that you feel the need to thump your chest about it. BROTHER!!

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    • JJ certainly was the call Goat. I went Denny and Smoke this week. If I had picked anyone else, I probably would have gone with Kyle.

      With JJ having never won here, and Ford having never won at Chicagoland, I leaned more towards Yota's this week. Almost added another MWR and another JGR. Was really close swapping in an RCR to save a start. Am expecting a good finish out of both Denny and Bowyer. Though I chose Smoke in MoToR's new MB league LOL

      My current playoffs rank is the lowest rank I have had all year at 69,038 LMAO. Gonna have to improve on that!

    • Oy vey! The "zoo" was one comment by one poster. Knowing that poster, I also know that his comment was directed toward those who come out of the woodwork when something such as the "Hornish Debacle" occurs. It was not directed toward you or any other regular poster here. The same goes for the "idiots" comment.

      The "quantity v. quality" was a question asked by one, it was not a statement. There was nothing mentioned or spoken of that stated or said the quality over here lacked.

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      • Well... OK...

        One day in the near future, everyone will look around and wonder where the others have gone around there. Can you imagine how many people read the same statements I read this morning and draw the same conclusion? Because, it was printed in plain English. I wasn't reading between lines, it was there for the whole world to see.

        Tell ya what I'm going to do. I will just stay on this board and play civil like...

        No harm, no foul. I don't want a problem brewed up between us, Richard. But everyone who knows me, knows that when someone draws down on me, I return fire and my aim is deadly accurate. Richard M called me out, fine... Just know I don't nor won't just lay down and let people shuffle across my chest. Never have, never will.

        What started this goes way beyond terminology and understanding. I do not need anyone's approval, nor do I seek it. Nobody is going to talk crap on me or mine and skip away with a smile. That is just who and how I am...

    • Why should you what? Quote someone over there that never made a derogatory statement to or about this board or anyone on it? You got taken to the woodshed? I lost my ID trying to defend this board and keep it ours. I never nailed you to anything,you're over here trash talking.I am not doing the same over there,and I'm 2 faced? Peace be with you. You do your thing and I'll do mine,and if we're lucky our paths will never cross again.

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      • Just a suggestion...

        Go there and read that thread as if you were a newbie from this board, not a reg. Open your mind to what is being said, not what you are hearing.

        I will apologize for my derogatory comments towards you, Richard M. I get hot under the collar and speak before I think, that's probably my greatest downfall. When you said nobody has talked crap on this board, I pointed out that many have. This is something I'm willing to put to rest and move on. Hope you will also, if I've made an enemy of you, nothing I can do about that now, with the exception of letting the waters calm and avoid stirring them back up again.

        We both love NASCAR apparently, what say we just let by gones be by gones?

      • Cool...


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