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  • tombo tombo Sep 13, 2012 9:24 PM Flag

    Chicagoland Picks

    no,he post this bout 5 minutes before i was gonna.the other board is much better.i dont know why anyone is still at this one.

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    • Just went to that better "NASCAR" board...

      Only 6 threads out of 20 regarding NASCAR on the lead page...

      Yeah, that's such a better board.

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      • Who said the other NASCAR board was the better 1? It's a matter of choice,you choose to be here and I choose to be there And as far as I know we still have that rite in this country. For now anyway,that's what I fought for. Because we have varied interests as in other sports,and share our lives,and joke around all at the same time makes this board better? If that's the case enjoy the rest of your season. I promise not to interject on the elitist board any further.

    • Hey Tombo, I didn't remember you starting a "picks" thread on this board last week. That's why I did. If you are going to do so, I shall refrain from now on. For me, your Kyle bashing is a little over the top, but it is a part of you. It is your "Alfalfa" or part of your personality. I can accept you for it, and sometimes, you are even funny regarding it. I also appreciate your NASCAR and "pick" threads. Try changing your settings to: Sort: Newest; View: Expanded; As: Message List.

      Both boards have their pro's and con's as MoToR laid out. Both boards are censored, I use on ID on this board and another ID on the other board as for some reason, I have trouble using the same ID on both boards. I enjoy both boards. I post the P Update Threads on the other board because of ease of use and it is faster loading on my ol' dialup.

      Da Goat, you are out of line. Now, I appreciate that you don't like the use of derogatory nicknames of the drivers, as such, I shall refrain from it, even in a humorous manner. You have spoken in a derogatory manner of the "other" board before this. It is unnecessary. Learn to ignore that which you don't care for. If you want to get all picky and controlling regard it, you are off toe-pic on my thread. How many times have we all read the ol' controlling toe-pic bull. I appreciate that you want to talk NASCAR. You have a lot of good posts and insight regarding NASCAR, stick to it and keep it up.

      With regard to the other board being "better", it is quicker loading and easier to follow, particularly with long threads. That seems to be the general intended usage with regard to the other board being "better". So get over it. Both boards have merit, both are good. I enjoy both boards. Beyond that, I'll defer to MoToR's comments on the two boards.

      Good luck this week everyone.

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      • To somewhat quote Forrest... "Sorry for startin' a fight in the middle of your Chicagoland Picks party..." LOL!

        Richard- I realized exactly your point last night after reading tombo's response, and you are right, I was way out of line. I was hearing the other board is better thinking the statement was a slam on posts here, then realized the better was format directed. I can admit when I'm wrong, in fact I'm getting very good at it because I'm rarely right when I get off topic... LOL!

        tombo- I hope you really don't believe people do not like reading your posts. If they do, it might just be jealousy... You are kickin' some serious butt in the standings, which leads me to believe you just might know something about NASCAR... LOL!

        I word things wrong most of the time, that is just my nature... Probably why I am single, huh? LOL!

        Let's just ALL get back to the love of our sport, what say everyone? I'll take my beating for my ignorance now, in life and fantasy racing...



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