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  • Lisa Lisa Sep 9, 2012 1:20 PM Flag

    Thanks to the awesome pit strategy of the 48 & 56...

    I totally agree. What were they thinking? I had a 300+ week too but should have been better. Had Denny and Jr. Both killed me making the leaderboard. As for Gordon, I haven't used him all season but, my son used him up last night. LMAO

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    • Congrats on a 300+ week Lisa. At least with Jr and a laps and Q bonus you still got 84. Mark Martin and Newman both ended up at 86. Thankfully Denny had the most laps lead bonus so it was still a 76.

      Bowyer made it to the end on fuel, and I am sure that Denny would have as well. But Denny was a team player. After Gordon passed him, he pitted with 8 laps to go and took 4 tires to give Kyle another position to hopefully make the chase. Denny came out of the pits and 16th and with 4 fresh tires fell two more places to 18th allowing Kyle, with a fairly used up car to finish 16th. I'll give Denny kudos for the team player part. But it was too little too late.