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  • Leigh-Beaux Leigh-Beaux Sep 8, 2012 8:53 AM Flag

    11,18 15, 55, 56, 39 22, 43

    im locking 11, 15, 55, 22.
    Thoughts or suggestions?
    here are my stats FYI
    Segment Pts Season Pts Summer Rank Full Season Rank Percentile
    3529 7199 867 (-100) 975(-53) 99th

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    • As I said, advice is a dangerous thing. I truly hope you didn't start Truex.

      He sure looked good the first half of the race though...

      Whenever I offer my wooden nickels worth, I always worry more about those that I offered it too than I do my own picks. And, if it don't work out, I always feel bad.

      Thus, one of these days I'll take my own advice that advice is a dangerous thing and stop offering it LOL.

      Good luck Leigh-Beaux.

    • Heh with those stats why are you even bothering to ask us :-p ?

      • 1 Reply to Cliff
      • No doubt Cliff LOL

        Nice roster there Leigh-Beaux. Been kicking myself for not putting the 56 on and for not leaving the 88 on mine LOL

        As I have said all too many times: Advise is a dangerous gift.

        My current lineup:

        Start: 11,15,55,22
        Bench: 24,5,9,43

        As you can see, we currently have identical starters. *If* I had the 56 though, I myself would probably start the 56 over the 55. The 56 was the faster of the two in both P1 and HH, however the 55 put up a 3 hundredeth of a second better 10 lap average. It's a tough call, but my gut says 56.

        BTW: Very well done, keep up the good work. I'll be looking for you in the top 50.

        My Stats:

        R&J Ent. 3532 7397 812 (-15) 55(+3) 99th


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