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    How does Kyle feel

    About Matt being the new leader at JGR...

    He has to be feeling just a bit left out with this move... Coming from the low totem position at HMS. Then going to Gibbs, and hanging out till Tony decided enough Toy cars, time to get dressed up in a bow tie again, assuming the leadership role in the team. Now after years in that position, being threatened by Denny to lose his rankings, he is relegated to the second spot on the totem pole, or is that 3rd. If Kyle doesn't make it in the chase, Gibbs may just send the better parts Denny's way over Kyle now....

    Will Kyle feel slighted enough to decide to venture in to the market place? I really don't know anyone other than Joe and JGR would deal with him. He is a hell of a talent but he comes with some pains. Today's race could be be the beginning of a spiral for Kyle. If he doesn't make it though, I expect him to win more races then the chase drivers. LoL. I do think with out a continued changing like he has been trying to do, he will be relegated to his brothers life...

    We could one day look back at this year and this race, and see the beginning of the spiral of Kyle. We also could be witnessing the maturity of Kyle. I know plenty find it hard to believe he could ever do that. He has had few controversies this year, he also has had only 1 win. I don't know Kyle ever had only a one win in a season. He still has time to add to it, this year. I think what is going on with him is simply, he realized the path he was on was a dead end. He has been less aggressive this year and has gotten lower wins then any season I can remember. He is trying to find his style minus the over aggressive moves. It takes time, especially when that is the only style he knows. He realizes with out that championship he can not act like Tony. LoL.

    Kyle is Use to having all eyes on him, maybe Matt will be a good thing for him. Better to help take some of the eyes off him for a bit. After all most people will be buzzing over Matt there for a while. By this time next year it will be interesting to see how people feel about Kyle. I think he will be a completely different persona then he has ever been. He might even win over Tombo one day. Ah, who am I kidding.... LoL.


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