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  • Cliff Cliff Sep 3, 2012 8:35 AM Flag

    Wild card

    Pretty crazy - there's even a convoluted, but mathematically possible, scenario where Kahne misses the Chase - if he has another bad week, Stewart has a bad week and drops out of the Top 10 and has to use his 3 wins for the 1st Wild Card, KyBusch has a good enough week to stay ahead of Gordon and pass Stewart into the Top 10, and Gordon wins and passes Kahne for the 2nd Wild Card :-o

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    • LOL Cliff. I think you pretty well covered it!

    • Heh another extreme scenario: Paul Menard gets in if he wins and leads the most laps, KyBusch manages to finish 43rd behind the start-n-parkers, and Gordon finishes worse that 30th :-p

    • LMAO. Gonna be a wild week! Am looking forward to it.

      I vote for Cliff as procurator of the wild scenarios!

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      • Challenge accepted.

        Simplest - things stay the same - 5 & 18 are Wild Cards

        My two crazy ones already mentioned :-D :-D

        2nd Winner Chicken Dinner - 24, 9, 39 or 20 win and they're in, unless the 14 drops out of Top 10 and the 5 stays out of the Top 10, then only the 24 would get in if he was able to make up 17 points on the 5; the others are too far behind to catch KK.

        Actually I just now realized I misspoke with the 27 - he "only" needs to win and have the 18 finish worse than 33rd AND the 24 finish worse than 21st; also the 99 is in if he wins and the 18 finishes worse than 23rd AND the 24 finishes worse than 11th. Again those scenarios are scuttled if the 14 drops out and the 5 stays out but ahead of our celebrating, but now in a hollow way, winner.

        The 24 could get in by gaining 13 points on the 18, even without winning (again with the 14 & 5 caveat).

        The 9 could get in without winning by gaining 41 points on the 18 (finishing 2nd {or lead laps and finish 3rd} and the 18 last) AND 29 points on the 24, AND the 14 & 5 caveat - not terribly likely but a mathematical possibility.

        The 1 and 31 are in the Top 20, but have no chance to make it in.

        I think that's everything but welcome all additional input :-)


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