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  • OOZING OOZING Sep 3, 2012 2:47 AM Flag

    Wild card


    Newman and Gordon are great at Richmond but nobody has been better than Kyle.This is gonna be fun.

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    • It is going to be fun m. I think Kyle makes it in myself. Along with all these guys that mathematically have a shot,you can bet Tony is going to be racing real hard as well trying to hold onto that 10th spot. Those 3 wins may get him in,but those bonus pts. could be crucial. Good post.

    • Definitely going to be exciting, m.

      I'm certain Kyle wins the wildcard spot.

    • LOL....Is that you M talking NASCAR?!?!?!? Richmond is gonna be a good race & I'm leaning towards Kyle but I think I will stay away from Newman myself :)

    • Stunned at the post. YaY YaY YaY. 3 cheers. LoL.

      It is going to be interesting. Barring a win from one of the 1 win drivers, this is Kyle's to blow. This could be a sign of how he is in the chase. To him it will be even more pressure than the chase itself. If he keeps his cool through this rough race he could carry that into the chase. He has been down on a lot this year. Well he let the negative control or will he bring his A game. His fate is truly in is his and his teams hands.

      Gordon has a drive and a desire to get in the chase. He drove that car to it's limits to try to take Hamlin last night. The yota just made too much steam for him...

      This has been a very strange year, who would have ever thought that Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch would be fighting for the last wildcard. While the 2nd place driver from the year before would be the 1st eliminated from the 3 for lack of wins. It almost seems feasible that Jeff could win, knocking out the most winning driver of the prior few years, looking at the way it has played out so far.


    • Am liking Hamlin, Stewart and Gordon myself. But I can't deny Kyle's strength at the track.

      I figure Richmond to be a heck of a race. Always loved that track. Looking forward to it.


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