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  • Richard Richard Sep 2, 2012 5:28 PM Flag

    Who to start?

    As I said earlier today: Advise is a very dangerous thing.

    In P1: Brad 4th; Gordon 22nd. Brad's speed was reflective of Q trim, Gordon's speed was indicative of R trim.

    Q: Gordon jumped to 5th, Brad down to 21st.

    P2: Gordon 6th, Brad 10th.

    P3: Gordon 2nd, Brad 6th.

    You might also consider your remaining starts.

    *IF* I had your lineup, I would probably start Gordon. OTOH, Gordon needs a W within these next two races. Thus, while not truly a wreckers of checkers kind of guy, Gordon has indicated that he is looking to push for that W.

    Brad doesn't need a W and his performance yesterday of placing 2nd in the NNS race was good. Thus, making Brad also a good pick IMO. Perhaps the "safer" of the two.

    BTW: My A drivers are 48 and 99 with the 48 on the bench currently.

    As for your B picks. The MWR cars have all been fairly strong this year.

    P1; Q; P2; P3 respectively

    9: 20th; 10th; 13th; 25th
    15: 6th; 30th; 5th; 11th
    55: 30th; 6th; 19th; 9th
    56: 1st; 28th; 4th; 8th

    Ambrose needs a W, but if we look at overall consistency above, he does not stand out IMO. If RPM / Ambrose can hit the setup this week, they will be a force to be reckoned with and I foresee a top 6 finish from Ambrose barring incident. OTOH, If they struggle chasing the setup from day into night and don't keep up with the changing conditions, you are looking at a 15th to 20th finish IMO.

    Mark Martin has been strong most of the year barring incident, but not the most consistent IMO. Personally, I am questioning his confidence level after MIS. He did Q good. Though I personally place him as top 15 for this race.

    The 15 and the 56 were both consistently good in P. While they both struggled in Q, I place them both as top 10's this week barring incident. Both are in the chase, neither needs a W. I expect them both to finish well without pushing the issue and thus hopefully staying out of trouble.

    See my other reply for more info regarding Hendrick / Gordon and my own picks.

    Hope this helps, but remember, this is only my ***opinion***.

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