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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Sep 2, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

    Stewart loses Office Depot

    Personally, I believe a lot of this sponsorship jockeying has to do with television's "spinnin' or winnin'!" as far as who gets airtime. Also factor in the non-aired laps from qualifying...

    NASCAR needs to sack up and tell these broadcast companies to treat racing like a football game. I understand that the other major sports have timeouts and tv breaks, but every ten laps?!? And only showing the top five cars, Junior, and Danica is exactly why our sport is dying. Well, that and the target demography NASCAR has decided is the future...

    Brian France will continue to cash his checks however, and we can just sit back and watch our sport die. He doesn't care...

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    • You might be onto to something Da Goat with your linking sponsorship loss to the race coverage. I am really fed up with the broadcasting of races and the commercials every TEN laps or so too…it really is that bad! We know it is extremely expensive to sponsor a team/car but what is the point of spending money all that money on a car if it is rarely seen. Like you said, they only show the top drivers of the race anyway. These sponsors could be thinking take those dollars and spend them on commercials versus the car…right now they need to spend it on both. Like the release said, Office Depot will not return in that capacity…they may just run commercials for 2013. You mention coverage like football games....they spend the money on the commercials and not on the teams

    • You could be right Goat, and I acknowledge that you are far more in tune with the sport than I am.

      I am not sure though that that is the sole cause. Major trends in business in general seem to indicate that long term partnerships / loyalties are a thing of past.

      As for target demographics, while I know I have said this before, just look at the mainstream media and the demographic all the programs / ads are targeting. Based upon that alone, we have a bleak outlook for the future IMO.

      We used to have a handful of channels and a majority of good broadcasting. Now we have hundreds of channels and less than a handful of good broadcasting.

      Happy's interview and the implications of that alone were without doubt not good for the sport from some perspectives.

      Anyway, just a few ramblings of a danged ol' fool.

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      • Thanks for the props, not sure I'm that much more tuned in, but I know this, Richard...

        Watching my nephews and nieces, this 20 something demographic audience that NASCAR caters to, you can lose their attention quick. Commercial block after commercial block with five or six minutes of racing jammed in between is killing our sport.

        When I am shopping, and I have to choose between products, I always go with the product I have seen sponsoring at the track. These "kids" look at cost of or what their favorite rapper endorses. They don't give two shakes about loyalty, the same can be said of the poeople controlling marketing in NASCAR. Loyalty and customer service are things of the past, and what is truly missing in America.

        Drivers like ol' KHarv and Kyle Busch, bashing the very sponsors and icons of NASCAR that made them millionaires doing what they love to do for a living, shows their ignorance.

        This younger generation does not realize that without DW, Richard Petty, Dale Sr., etc... NASCAR would not be what or where it is today... Without a crashfest, the younger crowd won't watch. That's not racing. The county fair has a demolition derby... Go there if you want to watch cars get destroyed, not Talladega or Bristol.


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