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  • Pritzi Pritzi Aug 30, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    Make up your mind NASCAR

    OK Da Goat…this one is for you :) It was announced today that Tony Stewart will not be penalized for throwing his helmet at Matt Kenseth during the Bristol Race last week. Additionally, Tony Stewart will not be penalized for the threats he made against Matt Kenseth too. Personally, I think Tony Stewart acted like an #$%$ last week should suffer the same consequences other drivers receive for same if not less actions within NASCAR. I can promise you if this was one of the Busch brothers there would have been penalties. I’m tired of hearing the argument that the Busch Brothers or other drivers act up more and should face tougher penalties. By Stewart getting a pass on this…IMO…shows favoritism. NASCAR needs to make up their mind on what it will and will not be tolerated in racing and stick to it…and treat everyone equal. Stewart was out of line last week…period!!!

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    • I think your forgetting this is Sat night racing at BMS...It has been this way for years....

      Who was the last driver that got into trouble for throwing a helmet?

      Its a victim-less offence, no cars were torn up and no one got hurt....

      Its racing

    • they let kyle throw a fake sissy punch at a female camera operater couple weeks ago,maybe nascar is saying it is ok to throw things at each other.is that in the "grey area" of nascars rules?

    • I enjoyed watching it unfold and is exactly what this sport needs, some raw, spontaneous emotion and energy. Big deal, he threw a 10 pound helmet at a 3200 pound racecar. Who or what is that going to hurt? Drivers have been throwing helmets at each other for years to show their displeasure at the guy who wrecked them. I would of enjoyed seeing a fist fight between them instead but that wouldn't have happened as Kenseth would have ran away because he's a puss...Hell, I remember a few years back when Jeff Gordon got in Kenseth's face and confronted him and nearly pushed him so hard he almost fell backwards. Of all people, Jeff Gordon manning up. I never liked Gordon but gained a ton more respect for him after that.

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      • It's sure beat the finger wagging Damnica was doing. I was laughing, thinking I bet Regan is scared to death. LoL. I really expected her to follow suit with her boss.... I would have liked to see her one hand throw one and upstage Tony's little girly throw. That is the only problem I had with it. COME ON TONY!!!! Over hand, under hand, but 2 hands,,,, Jeeesh....


    • NASCAR usually bases penalties and fines on repeat offenses. They will give latitude to an incident like Smoke's helmet throw if it is not a continual happening. The Busch boys have been warned time and time again. Like when dealing with children, you can only say "no, no...." so many times before a timeout is necessary. When the timeouts stop working, it becomes time for a grounding... Right?

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      • Finally Da Goat…LOL…I put this "topic" out here after you posted your What thread (I was listening to you :) ) NASCAR needs to keep track of all incidents to make it "fair" to all drivers. By giving him the pass once again he has a clean record. I know for a fact he has pulled stuff recently this year & last year…he is a repeat offender & is being treated differently. Make the rules/penalties universal & let Drivers dictate their own behavior because they know what they face. You mention "grounding"…lets take it one step further to the way they handled it "old school" style & it applies to everyone. When I was in High School, you would get a "tardy"…3 tardies got you 1 Detention Hall…3 Detentions got you 1 Day In-School Suspension…..OR….you could go to the Principal's Office and get those 3 Detentions BURNED OFF (3 licks for each detention) by the Wooden Paddle with Holes in it with Duct Tape on it!!!

        LMAO…lets add some NEW MEANING to getting called to the TRAILER!!!!

    • It is the same with Jimmie Johnson (the favorite child of NASCAR ) when Dale Jr said at Dega after a win in an interview " that don't mean #$%$ my daddy has won here more times than this " he was fined and lost points. JJ gets caught cheating and gets a slap on the wrist. Happy gets caught cheating and punishment is not the same. Just sayin......

    • Smoke scares them. LoL. I does seem a bit unfair, who was last to throw one and what was punishment? That is the question. They don't get thrown much but that one was deserving. I don't know if Matt is practicing to be a JGR driver or what...

      Smoke was hot when making that statement. Love him or hate him, he says what is on his mind at the time. PC is not part of his personality, I think that is what I like about Tony... LoL.


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      • Gotta love Smoke for the way he speaks his mind and his excellent use of sarcasm in interviews LOL

      • It is unfair MoToR! IMO…they are sending mixed signals to both the drivers and the fans. Personally, I like the "boys have at it" mentality & enjoy a little "action" on and off the track. However, NASCAR is making it look like they can't make a decision on what they consider inappropriate. Drivers have changed the way they are acting & driving due to some of the punishments they have handed out. Then you have Stewart chunk a helmet at Kenseth & blow off steam with some threats… I can understand that because he was angry at that moment. And NASCAR sees it the same way too!?!?!?!? But what message does it send out? The real question should be…who does NASCAR allow to be human and get angry & blow off steam without repercussions.


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