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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Aug 30, 2012 7:49 PM Flag


    Good to hear you're getting some work bro! This economy has us all in a stranglehold...

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    • Its hard getting work these days. Damn people ,start spending money will ya! I got thing's going its just not happening fast enough for me. I`d like to be working every week ,but thats not going to happen.Hard getting started again when i have time off..Keeping the muscles working,woodflooring is hard work and this time off is killing me when i get home. But this Budweiser is going down really good..lol!

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      • Sorry to hear about your luck Mr. Sunday. I can honestly relate (like many people in today's economy). Last year it hit the fan with me & layoffs came in waves after the downgrade. I just switched fields all together but I can say the same thing too…people are just not spending money. My accounts don’t have the budgets they use to have and my numbers look BAD. Hope things get better for you soon :):)

      • I hear ya MrSunday! If I could, I'd send some your way. I'm trying hard to maintain my semi-retired status and the dang phone won't stop ringing. I am sending work away these days.

        The people I dislike, are the ones who call just to get ideas and in the long run waste your time over and over.

        Hope the work keeps flowing in for ya!


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