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  • MoToR® MoToR® Aug 24, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

    #2 Miller throwback scheme

    I will say this, there was a point where I was getting grief about Kes from even the Regs on here. No one, I mean no one liked Kes, but a few of my closest friends, even they might not have liked him, they just didn't want to pile on too. LoL. I have talked a big game about him from the get go, and somewhere out here is a post from last year, where I said watch out for Kes after the July Daytona. You have to give Paul a chance to get to know this car. when he does his and Kes are going to go on a terror. I know many thought I was just bloviating as usual and I was, but my bloviations have a very strange way of working out. Who in there right mind would make a statement like that. I'm never in a right mind though. LoL. I know it sounds like I'm arrogant but any of the regs will tell you it is all true. Some of them think I might be psychic, the rest just think I'm psycho. I think they both could be right. LoL.


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    • You know for a fact I've always been a BK fan bro. Not as vocal of one as you, because I pull for that other guy... But I've liked his style since his wild ride in Nationwide at Vegas in the #88. Brad is in a class of his own, says what he thinks, does as he says. Who doesn't like that in a driver?!? Wait... Let's not start that debate! LOL!


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