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  • Mary Jo Mary Jo Aug 23, 2012 3:54 PM Flag

    Deadline for picks

    How come Yahoo makes us pick our drivers even before they practice???!!!

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    • Its like getting a cookie for a job well done. If you choose wisely you get points kinda thing.

    • Mary, NASCAR sets the practice and qualifying dates and times AFAIK. If NASCAR simply always made a practice or two before the day before qualifying, we could always watch practice, check the stats on Jayski's etc.. However, as much as I would like it, it would also remove some of the challenge to playing fantasy leagues. There are also time restraints at the tracks, particularly when we have all three (or more) series racing at the same track in a weekend.

      As Lisa stated, if they qualify on Saturday, we do get to watch some practice beforehand. With night races, we generally don't get to see any practice.

      BTW: P1 is noon et on Speed. P2 is 2:30 et on Speed and Q is 5pm et on ESPN2

      The race is at 7:30pm et on ABC. But beware and check your local listings ahead of time. There is a scheduling conflict in some areas.

    • YaHoo always sets the deadline in the early morning hours of qualifying day, Mary.

      Why? I don't really know. They could let us watch first practice before lockdown, but that would probably only start the "I can't watch practice at work... That gives an unfair advantage to others." type of complaints.


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