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  • OOZING OOZING Aug 23, 2012 3:00 PM Flag

    Soooooo Funny


    These so called regs hate this board so much but are so bored with their fellow sisters they can't stay away.What they really hate is the fact that they can't get half their posts up because of such a limited vocabulary they get denied because of the 4 letter words.You all are missing absolutely nothing with these jokers be happy about that.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • LoL so you were the blank post showing up. I kinda figured that.

      I don't have much trouble getting posts up. I (censored) self censor. LoL. Now using a word that is not so bad like

      gets most peoples post censored.

      m, we never left. We just didn't feel like fighting to figure out this board. Although I have grown use to this format, I just prefer the old format on the other Yahoo board. I have a new name for you "(m)arching eagle". you won't get it but others who read ricks joke walking eagle will. LoL.


    • what vucking four letter words are you talkin bout?

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      • As the other "regs" will surely agree, I know this thread was created as bait m. As was your numerous prior attempts in other threads. Juat another vain venture towards, "See! See! What'd I tell ya newbies?!? Those "regs" are bunch of meanies!"

        The only reason I am even responding to your desperate plea is to defend our names against your false allocations toward us. Someone who is new to this board has no idea what is going on. Educated people will see through your guise however... So its probably falling on deaf ears anyway buddy.

        Just let it go and play nice bro...

    • Bound and determined to prove a point ain't ya m...?

      Problem is, you may be proving a point, but it is not the one you want. Only drama out here right now is...

      Well, you know.


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