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    Every Debacle

    Brings new posters to this board. They show up to post a grievance and get grief. Some get so mad at us they stay to fight, others just laugh their tails off and soon find themselves becoming a "Reg". It is a pattern that develops every time Yahoo does something to cause a ruckus. How many Newbies will stay and play? There is a difference between the trolls and the "regs" The Regs will be real with you. the Trolls will just continue to insult you. Stick around and you will see who is who. I think a lot may just stick around this time. I could be wrong though, I have been once or twice. LoL.

    I am MoToR, 5 years on this board, A Dodge fan and The biggest Kes supporter this board has seen. I was on his bandwagon from the beginning and built the Wagon strong enough to carry everyone who has jumped on with me. I have taken a lot of grief for my opinions on him, I'm glad I was right. LoL. I have lots of opinions and am never afraid to voice them. My hopes are that Kes can pull off a championship for Dodge before they get shoved out. If he does there will be a lot of Regs who will surely remember all the things I said long ago and scratch their heads trying to figure out how I saw it all back then. LoL

    Who is your driver? Why do you watch? Lets get know one an other and see where we stand.... Fair warning there are quite a few of us who don't like Kyle. Right Tombo? LoL. That don't mean we won't like you if your a Kyle fan, there just hasn't been to many rational ones we have found. If your one PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, show us that kyle has some sensible fans. LoL.

    I'm off to make the donuts. I hope when I get home. I have lots of opinions to read to get to know some of you newbies on here. Regs I know you but the newbies don't. Introduce yourself and lets see if we can make something out of this board once again. We don't have to leave the other, it is by far a better board, or at least what we are use too. LoL.

    Pritzi, is this the type of thing you were looking for?


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    • i forget what the previous debacle that brought me here, but the board was a bigger debacle at that point. Something about live streams of futbol games if i remember , dozens of them.
      the way they have changed it is actually kind of nice, even if someone seems to be following me around trying to shove a thumb where the sun dont shine lol .

    • Haha definitely confusing setup here. I just set it to "Message List" up top and scroll down to the bottom and read upwards. To Reply I just pick a post that has the box for it ;-)

      Anyway my name is Cliff as y'all can tell and I took a roundabout way to NASCARland - long story longer I paid some attention as a kid but didn't think much of it until watching the 1987 Daytona 500 my senior year in college (just to date myself - behave!). There was a commercial to come see the stars of NASCAR at Pocono in June (btw I live in NJ - fuggedaboudit!) and I thought that would be pretty cool so a friend & I bought 2 tickets. The week before the race our local paper had daily stories on various drivers, and always being one to pull for underdogs I was drawn to the article on J. D. McDuffie. At the track I cheered him to his 28th place finish :-D and became a fan.

      I went back to Pocono by myself in July and then with my friend to Dover in Sept. At Dover I purchased a copy of Grand National Scene and to my delight discovered J. D. had a Fan Club listed in the classifieds. Signed right up of course, and in the January 1988 newsletter they said that they could use volunteer help, especially at the Northern races - bonus! I wrote a letter expressing interest and forgot all about it until early August when Chico Reyes, a crewmember whose wife ran the fan club, wrote back. He said they had some new help for Watkins Glen but to get in touch with him about Dover. I did, and unfortunately J. D. failed to qualify but I had been to Martinsville in April and had gone to Buddy Arrington's shop after the race. Buddy wasn't around but his son Joey was and we had talked briefly. Anyway, at Dover in September I went up to Joey and he actually remembered me from 5 months before and agreed to let me help the 67. So I was fuel runner for the day :-D

      Fast forward to June 1989 and I went back to Dover, and most impressively got in on the pass I had kept from the previous September :-D Unfortunately J. D. had wrecked at Charlotte the week before and didn't come up, and Arrington's team wasn't running, so I asked around and hooked up with Dave Marcis' team. Did the same thing and became a semi-time volunteer, going to all the Northern races -Dover, Pocono, Watkins Glen, plus a few others I travelled to - Martinsville, Rockingham, Atlanta and later Talladega & Phoenix amongst others.

      I know I've carried on for quite a while and I'm still only up to 1990, so let me just fast forward to say that along the way I also volunteered for various Busch Series, ARCA, Truck & Busch North teams, notably working for Mark Martin & Jeff Gordon at Bill Davis's BGN team in the early 90's, and Jason Keller's team for many races in the mid-late 90's, and Terry Cook's team in the Truck Series in the late 90's-early 00's.

      Notable races I've been involved in were J.D.'s last race at Watkins Glen (I was actually on his crew because Marcis had wrecked in practice and wasn't running the whole race) - that was pretty surreal and even though I and most of the volunteer guys weren't told J. D. had died until more than an hour afterwards, it still hit me as a total shock as I figured they were just taking their time getting him out and he was probably upset he was going to have to miss Michigan the next week because his car was wrecked.

      On a happier note, I've been to Victory Lane 4 times, with Ron Hornaday at Flemington in 1995 (got on his team on a cold call a couple weeks before :-D ), Terry Cook at Flemington in 1998, and Dale Quarterley in Busch North at Loudon & Dover in 2004.

      Anyway, as big time racing has gotten even bigger, I've had to "step down" and now work with John Salemi in the K&N East Series. I've also graduated from fuel runner/general lackey to gasman and occasional jackman :-) And the most awesome part about that - I have pretty much zero mechanical ability but have used my good looks & charm (har!) to weasel my way into the inner circle of things.

      That's my story and I'm sticking to most of it :-)

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      • Ding! Ding! Ding! I believe we have a winner! LOL!

        Awesome stuff Cliff!

      • I am a good eye aren't I. I knew you were a smart cookie. (censored) awesome story. You just became an instant celeb on here. LoL. Be careful, that could come with a whole bunch of trolls. Glad to have you participating on my thread... The only driver I have ever met was Rusty, I met him after a telecast at AMS. He was doing a story on Kaesy (who is my other favorite driver) I waited till after his broadcast for him to sign an autograph. Oh yeah there was last year too, We walked right by Kyle Petty. He was just walking around in the crowd. We were right next to him and my wife (with that star struck look in her eyes) Said, "Is that Kyle Petty?" I looked at her and said "Ah, So what." LoL.

        My 1st full race I watched from beginning to end was, the worst race in the history of NASCAR. The 2001 Daytona 500. Which is really funny because in 2000 I took the family to Disney and when we had trouble booking a room, she finally asked one of the hotels she was trying to book why all the rooms were gone, the lady replied "Well sweetie it's the Daytona 500" LoL. The next year Dodge jumped in. I was bored as hell with Baseball. Living in Atlanta would do that to you. 10 years in the big game 1 Championship. So I got all excited about the race. My wife was like "we've been married 10+ years and except a rainy boring Sunday, when nothing else was on would you watch a race. Now, all the sudden your a big nascar fan?" I just looked at her and Said "Dodge is back Baby!!!" I was on the edge of my seat the whole race especially at the end when Sterling Marlin was pushing to the front. It was the crowd favorites Earnhardt, his car Michael Waltrip and Jr. leading all in front of him. And then it happen........ Earnhardt blocked Sterling as he was trying to make a move to put Dodge in victory lane on it's 1st race back. We all know the out come of that, and my wife to this day can't believe I still watch it. Even more she can't believe she is the one who introduced me to Yahoo fantasy racing. If she knew then what she knows now she would have never have done it. LoL.


      • Good first person reporting Cliff, Stay thirsty my friend.

      • AWESOME!!! you got to do what some of us dream.

      • Really good stuff Cliff!!!!

      • Great story Cliff!! Glad to have you around.

    • Hi, I'm Richard and I'm a fan-addict.

      This is my third year back to following NASCAR after a long hiatus. I'm a first year fantasy player, a newbie to these boards and a Ford-atic.

    • Hi,my name is PostGame & am 26 years old,blond hair, 6'3" and built like a rock.( all lies) my all time fav driver is Cale Yarborourgh. I now root for Biffle. I also enjoy watching Craftsman truck series. Ive golfed with the Dave Matthews Band & partied with Dr. Hook and the medicine show on a flight from the East Coast to the West Coast. (both true stories). And i am glad to meet all of you.

    • hello everybody!!
      im tombo and i love everything and everybody in nascar except for that dooshbagg kryle buch.

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      • I'm Rickster and I pretty much get along with everyone except a couple of the golf trolls that creep on over here. Smoke fan from the beginning before he was in NASCAR. I love racing period, I'd watch if they raced buses. Nothing wrong with being a Reg, we love to discuss racing and anything else on our mind. Some of the regs on here are really good people, you just have to stick around to find out. Don't believe "m"............he hates himself. Pretty pitiful way to go through life. "Im every woman's dream and every man's nightmare"!!! Woooooooooooooooo!! Just had to throw that Ric Flair quote in there LMAO!!!!

    • Good mornin' MoToR! MY brutha from a diffent mutha... LMAO!!

      I am Da Goat, that is, "Da 'G'rumpiest 'O'f 'A'll 'T'ime".

      I have been involved with, and around NASCAR my entire life. Born and raised on it, got the scars to prove it! LOL! Breast fed right there in turn four of Lakeside Speedway...

      My favorite driver is from Emporia, Kansas. Piloting the MWR #15 5hour Energy Drink Toyota Camry.... Clint Bowyer!!! I have a multitude of great memories watching Clint progress through the ranks of dirt cars at Thunderhill Speedway in Mayetta, Kansas with my Father, who also raced modifieds "Back in the Day" at the historic Lakeside Speedway for De Soto Motors in the Canary yellow #13. The first time my Dad saw Clint in the Flint Hills Towing #79 IMCA modified, he said: "Watch that kid, he's gonna be a good one." Man, was Dad ever right! When Clint was called up to the bigs by Richard Childress, I thought I had died and went to Heaven! KHarv was my favorite Cup driver at the time, RCR was my favorite team, Dale Sr always was and still is my favorite all-time driver, what could go wrong, right...? Well.... It did not take long to see what kind of teammate ol' Happy was going to be, or for that matter, Clint's role at RCR... Clint has a better crew? Well ship them to the 29 team... Clint has a better car? Well dump him... "Clint is going to make the Chase and I'm not?" KHarv says, gotta crash him!

      IMHO.. Clint was always viewed as the fourth man on a three man team at RCR, so he's in a better place now. A place where his talent can shine and not have a whiney "teammate" steal his thunder at every turn. Those Dillon boys are RCR's only saving grace with me. I'm truly looking forward to the day that Pop-Pop completes his ultimate goal at RCR... Which BTW, does not include ol' KHarv... Paul Menard brings his own sponsorship dollars, the 27 is going to always be a fixture there as long as the Menards checks continue to deposit. When Austin is ready, that black #3 will make its way back into the Cup Series, and when Ty gets there, a similar version will inherit the #33. Hmmm.... That doesn't leave much room for ol' KHarv now does it...? Then, and only then, I will come back to the fold and 25+ years of collecting RCR gear will return to the walls of my home.

      Well, that's me in a nutshell, no better way to put it either... LMAO!

      Excellent way to bring us all back together again MoToR! Thanks for thinking outside the box and above the " troll" crowd with their thumbs down approach...

      Awesome thread bro!

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      • You know me Da Goat. If there is no Party, I'll (censored) start one. LoL.

      • Those are great stories! I'm (newby) Lisa from Speedway In. And you can see the 4th turn of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from my parents house. Open wheel was were I started. Going to grade school the month of may with the Unsers and the like. My favorite driver was the STP number 40 of Swede Savage. They lived 3 doors down and his daughter came to our house every day while they lived there. My first race was in 1973 the Indy 500. Unfortunately, Swede was involved in a horrible crash that took his life after 33 days in intensive care. I didn't go back to the track until NASCAR entered the picture. It was Dale Sr. And the black number 3 that got me hooked on NASCAR. Since then I have traveled to the southern part of the state to Tony Stewart country. Love going to Eldora. Will be there in Sept. for the world. Hope to hear more great stories from you all. Happy racing boys!

      • I have to put this here because MoToR is maxed out again. LOL MoToR…Geee…I feel honored to be mentioned in your post. I might start wishing for more debacles to happen with Yahoo if it means new faces coming here. So far from what I have read this morning, seems like Macy, Lisa, Sharyn & Cliff are doing some talking out here…I think that is great. Especially like the increase in women…we need more…they bring a nice balance to the convos here….JMO. You are right in saying that every debacle brings new people out….because….they need to VENT!!! Most people (even if they know they are wrong) just want the ability to VENT & just want to be heard. Eventually, they cool off & listen to reason…we just need to make an effort for them to stick around. After all, anyone who is a regular out here has definitely earned their "stripes" & has a strong personality that could be perceived "wrong" by a new person. JMO, I think we should realize this & adjust to it a little until they get to know us & realize our fun humor side. I know this new board format is awful but I am pretty sure it is only temporary. I think that is why we should make an effort to keep both boards going so we don't lose anyone in the cracks…JMO.

        My love for NASCAR originated from the track in Hickory NC…Hickory Motor Speedway ….smack dab in the middle of all the small towns where the NASCAR drivers & teams lived. I saw it from a different perspective…I knew who the head electrician was for the track & his son. It was not uncommon for Melvin to get a call in the middle of the night from "someone" who said "we made some changes & need to test the car out…go unlock the gates for us Melvin & turn on the lights." ….the funny part was when they said…"we will figure it out later if it is legal."……I got to see some of those midnight secret runs & that is where my love for Harry Gant came from. I have been hooked every since. I am a big Dale Jr. fan & hope he has a great year but most of why I am a fan of his is because of the love I have for his Dad. Probably my favorite driver out there right now has be Mark Martin…I think he hung the moon & is just a class act…I think all drivers should aspire to be the type of person Martin is & how he represents NASCAR :)


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