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  • MoToR® MoToR® Aug 23, 2012 9:07 AM Flag

    Bristol MoToR Speedway

    Are we ready for some crushed metal. This is going to be a wild race, even more so then it has been in the past. Be sure to set you line ups tonight. Oh and Nascar will not give Sam Hornish any points this week either. Just check his scoring after the race. LoL.

    So many drivers are going for that coveted last wild card spot, this is the like the Dega race in the chase. A wild card race that could knock someone out of it completely....

    It is my "opinion" Kyle puts his best foot forward and tries to lock himself into position. I called him to win this race a few weeks ago, on another board, and any of the Regs will tell you, I have a strange knack for turning #$%$ into fact after a race.

    Newbies come put forth your opinion on this thread, Who do you think will win? What do you expect to see? Who will have a bad weekend? No answers are wrong because it is only an opinion. Everyone is entitled to it. When you put it in black and white and it happens, after the race then you can say I was right and no one can argue. Till then lets see where everyone stands. We all have something to say, now lets get to know some of the new posters opinions and have a discussion as we get to know each other. I know all the regs will willingly offer up theirs. LoL.


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    • 23 hours 55 minutes to kyle meltdown.

    • Well of course I'm predicting Top 4 finishes for everyone I start :-D That being said, it just seems like KyBusch just can't get it going this year like he has in the past. Case in point Michigan - he's done really well there for the most part and as bad as he needs a win he wasn't even a slight factor at all. Maybe the pre-race inspection infraction had something to do with it, but in the past he would have overcome something like that.

      Anyway, I'm going with BK and Gimmie Jimmie as the front running combatants, how literally combatant tbd :-)

    • I expect to see Gordon and Carl make a good showing, but it won't be enough. Kes is the car to beat this week IMO. And Kyle... well, I anticipate that one little problem will be the catalyst that causes him to push just a little too hard...

    • If all goes well, Kyle is a lock this week. But...

      A slip in qualifying, one bad pit stop, a little nudge from Brad or Carl, lap traffic interfering, someone in the stands with a Mountain Dew shirt... Any or all of the above will send Kyle into meltdown mode. Beatin' and bangin' is his favorite game, as long as he's doing the shovin'!

      I think Bristol is make it or break it for Kyle's Chase hopes. Hrs good at Richmond, but Saturday night will sum up the entire season for the best wheelman in today's NASCAR.


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