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  • Cliff Cliff Aug 26, 2012 2:07 AM Flag

    Number of teams?

    Well after my awesome pics of Krashalotski & Old Mayor Burton, I'm down to #11,282 in the 94th percentile, which makes for a total population of 188,033. So the true answer is somewhere between 177,020 and that :-)

    • MoToR 3097 6724 11,441 (+7,501) 7,305(+2,810) 96th

      I'll play along.


    • Hmmm....MoToR's rank & percentile would suggest a population of 202,300, so I pondered the situation for a bit, and if anyone knows me they know I love a pointless exercise involving statistics, so here goes:

      The equation would require the assumption that either 1 position higher or lower would put you in the next percentile to calculate the max & min range - therefore,

      8851 in 95th percentile - if 8850 would put me in the 96th, that would mean a max. population of 221,250, but if 8852 would drop me to the 94th, that makes for a minimum of 147,533.

      10,115 in 95th - max of 252,850; min of 168,600

      11,282 in 94th - max of 225,620; min of 161,186

      So then, so far we've narrowed down the population to a max of 221,250, and a min of 168,600

      Anyone else want to post their rank & percentile to futher narrow it down :-D ?


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