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  • GaryW GaryW Aug 22, 2012 11:51 AM Flag

    Number of teams?

    Does anyone know the approx. number of fantasy teams? I can't seem to find it. Thanks.

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    • my guess is more than 2 less than 2million just a guess though

    • Well after my awesome pics of Krashalotski & Old Mayor Burton, I'm down to #11,282 in the 94th percentile, which makes for a total population of 188,033. So the true answer is somewhere between 177,020 and that :-)

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      • MoToR 3097 6724 11,441 (+7,501) 7,305(+2,810) 96th

        I'll play along.


      • Hmmm....MoToR's rank & percentile would suggest a population of 202,300, so I pondered the situation for a bit, and if anyone knows me they know I love a pointless exercise involving statistics, so here goes:

        The equation would require the assumption that either 1 position higher or lower would put you in the next percentile to calculate the max & min range - therefore,

        8851 in 95th percentile - if 8850 would put me in the 96th, that would mean a max. population of 221,250, but if 8852 would drop me to the 94th, that makes for a minimum of 147,533.

        10,115 in 95th - max of 252,850; min of 168,600

        11,282 in 94th - max of 225,620; min of 161,186

        So then, so far we've narrowed down the population to a max of 221,250, and a min of 168,600

        Anyone else want to post their rank & percentile to futher narrow it down :-D ?

    • i basically agree with da goat and mr sunday. i think it is around 225 K , based on my percentile and ranking. if we had 20 good data points and averaged them we would probably be able to estimate within a few thousand.
      ha and i never thought my business stats course would come in handy lol. it sure hasn't helped my team this year

    • I tried to cipher this equation once in my head...

      Nought times nought equals nought, nought plus nought equals nought, nought minus nought equals nought, and nought divided by nought equals nought... No prudent results.

      So I broke out my engineering calculator, Big Chief tablet, and trusty red crayon. The calculator started smoking, caught the tablet on fire, melted my crayon, and set off the smoke alarm, which woke the ol' lady up... I'm never doin' that again! LOL!

      Seriously, nobody knows the exact number. With people having the three league maximum per team having multiple ID's to join other leagues, Chase league teams that remain inactive until race 27, and teams that have owners who have quit... An educated guess would put the number at 250,000 teams, with approximately 150,000 owners.

    • 250.000 is what most people say? I really dont know myself.


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