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  • Mr Sunday☼ Mr Sunday☼ Aug 21, 2012 11:40 AM Flag

    I find it funny !!

    How some of you people think us "Regs" are to hard on you. You come out here with all kinds of excuse`s why you left Hornish off your roster,as if it was Yahoo`s fault. According to you Hornish should have practiced & Q`d the car ,All the while he was up in Montreal.Have you yourself ever been in 2 places at the same time? I think i was on an acid trip ,but,im not really sure..Lol..Anyway. Some of you are 1st year players & some of you have been playing for some time now.in which case you knew better not to go with the NE next to his name.I for one do some studying on every race cause I enjoy NASCAR. How long would it take being that you`re on your computer i would guess daily to come out here and maybe ask for some advise? We would more then help out ,but it seems some of you just wont get what we have to say or dont want to listen and educate yourself. Ask an you shall receive.Dont hate MoToR for your mistake he`s just having to much fun with your comments and i find it rather amusing.

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    • Tell em Sunday, your absolutely right.....99% of the peeps that post here (and don't need the attention , like someone we all know) are very knowledgeable about what is going on in the auto racing business... Oh by the way or should I say BTW, I just happen to have Sam Hornish on my team.....GO MOTOR

    • Oh let them keep calling me the bad guy. Some hate me because I expose the truths they fail to see, or don't want others to know. Others hate me because they can't figure out Why so many like me and they have no friends. LoL. I don't just attack for the fun of it. Well it is fun to challenge people, but I do it to find out who is real and who is Full of Malarkey. If your strong and make good arguments I back off. if you just name call, Well then I won. LoL.

      I have had quite a few remarks from new posters who are getting a laugh from me too. I own my mistakes, I don't try to blame someone else for my faults. Because of that I expect everyone should be the same. When you come on here Crying over points on a free game, you're "Free Game" in my books. LoL. Come take your best shot at me, unlike a troll I will keep it real as long as you do. I just find it funny that so many can complain over their own inadequacy. So I point that out, so call me the bad guy. I wear many hats.... Those who come out here know that already. Most of these people will not be back until the next yahoo mix up. LoL.


    • Most people hate on MoToR because he is so brutally honest bro...

      That's actually what I like most about him. Well, that and his "look, you're an odor" approach! MoToR understands the game as well as human logic, he just pits it out there to make people think. Once they realize he knows and understands things above common thinking... They'll come around, or not... Jus' sayin'.

      OK m... Tell me how I'm kissing #$%$ again...


    • All of what Mr. Sunday is true. Don't be haters & don't call safelite auto glass


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