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  • bobby bobby Aug 22, 2012 9:51 PM Flag

    This is just a game...

    "Just give the players that picked Hornish 0 points and everyone is happy" ..... that's not true ... if you take away my 78 points I got for hornish I'm not gonna be happy.
    face the facts ... the ones who picked hornish out-witted , and out-played the ones who didn't
    I got my 78 points FAIR AND SQUARE .... I shouldn't be docked 78 points just because some people don't have even the most elementary understanding of NASCAR rules and regulations
    I find it amusing that 100% of you whiners swear up and down that you were going to use Hornish at Michigan (even though he was starting in the back) .... if you don't know enough about NASCAR to know Hornish was in the race then I'm sure you don't know enough to know that he was the obvious pick last week
    Keep whining ... it makes me laugh

    Sweet Old Bob

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