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  • Pinch Faithwagon Pinch Faithwagon Aug 20, 2012 8:09 PM Flag

    Hornish: The final word.

    It's Nascar's rule that the starting driver gets the points. But it's not Nascar's game, is it?

    It's Yahoo's game. Yahoo's page stated that a driver LISTED as NE would receive 0 points. A few people posting purported email messages from Yahoo on this board could have been gamesmanship on the part of a few. Yahoo could have posted something ON THE GAME WEBSITE to clarify the situation to everyone. They had a couple of days to do so, and that is what should have been done. They blew it.

    Yahoo gave Hornish the points, which differed from what their game web page said would happen. They allowed an ambiguity which left participants confused. One side or the other was bound to be upset. You blowhards banging your own drums, because "you understood the rules," fail to see the other point of view. That is precisely the problem. There shouldn't have been 2 points of view.

    That said, it's not a life changing event and I'm sure even the most frustrated understand that.

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