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  • Sharyn Sharyn Aug 20, 2012 11:34 AM Flag

    Yahoo message

    We all knew he was in the race but the message from Yahoo clearly stated if you chose to start him you would not receive any race points for him.

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    • MoToR I can't respond to you message because it maxed out so I am putting it here. I believed you MoToR. Both you & Richard cleared things up for me quickly when I got home after quals & was confused on what was going on with Hornish. What was unnerving to me was Yahoo. There is absolutely no reason why Yahoo could not have issued a broadcast message on the roster page for fantasy players well in advance of the race especially after they showed us they could do so it by posting something post race....Just to make some of us feel "safer". Yahoo dropped the ball. I knew he was in that race & was to get points…but like I said, I didn't want to take a "gamble" with Yahoo on my points. Not a big deal for me to bench him. Just means I have an extra start for him later. Anyway, I received 298 pts & I can be happy with that :)

    • You and I got different messages. The message I got was Yahoo listed him as not entered in the race, incorrectly as it turned out. There was no message indicating his points wouldn't count if he did in fact race. In fantasy sports, you get credit for what your players do in real life. There are no exceptions to this, regardless of the provider (Yahoo, ESPN, Fox, etc.).


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