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  • My Name Is Earl My Name Is Earl Aug 20, 2012 10:24 AM Flag

    Yahoo screwed up so they need to speak up!

    Where is Yahoo's voice on this issue? Why haven't they posted an explanation as to why they listed Hornish as NE? I had him and was going to start him but switched to Bobby Labonte. Oh well, my bad and I lose out on the points. I would just like Yahoo to be accountable for their error. An error that caused a lot of confusion. An apology is in order don't ya think?

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    • Look,keep up w/current events.Yahoo messed up,but Nascar stated way ahead of time what Sam was going to do.Get w/the program.

    • I did the same, had him picked as my starting C driver, then went on Saturday to swap Bowyer to Martin in the B class which was a bad decision on my part and lost points....but happened to notice Hornish in C was shown as NE so I swapped my bench (Almirola) and now lost out on the points for that. I think they should be able to go back and see who swapped Hornish from starter to bench and adjust the points... I own up to my mistakes, they should theirs.

    • Nobody would be complaining if Hornish would have T-boned Gilliland and wrecked out. Everybody is mad cuz Hornish was highest performing C driver. Some drivers are known to be sick or are ready to leave track at the last minute (e.g., if wife is pregnant, etc) so fantasy players have to be aware of what their drivers are doing up until lockout. If Vickers got subbed in at the last second, or was at the track on standby for a driver who may have to leave, he would be listed as NE. Someone who had him activated in their available lineup would then benefit. As long as a driver takes runs lap #1, they get credit for the points earned for that race. Know the rules, people.

    • No they dont need to do anything.If you read the rule book you would have known that the driver that starts the race receives the points. They talked about it all week that he was going to be in the car..Your lose.