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    Hornish status from yahoo customer care

    I emailed yahoo customer care about Hornish and points eligibility. This is the answer I received (which is the same thing posted in another thread).
    Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Sports.
    I appreciate your inquiry regarding Sam Hornish Junior's status for this week's race. I will be happy to clarify the situation.
    If Hornish races today his points will count for your team if you have him in your starting lineup, even if he is shown as not entered.
    The driver status is provided by a third-party content provider. Yahoo! does not create or edit this content.
    Please Note: While we welcome customer feedback about the quality and accuracy of these updates, Yahoo! cannot make any retroactive lineup or scoring changes to adjust for inaccurate reports of any kind.
    We value your interest in Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. If you have further comments or questions, please feel free to reply to this email, and we will gladly assist you.

    Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Sports.



    Yahoo! Customer Care******

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    • In my group of 25, 18 of us picked Hornish Jr. Nowhere, on my group page did YAHOO say anything about the #22,only a big red NE, so I switched to my alternate driver and ended up loosing 26 points. Only 2 teams in our group stayed with the #22 and recieved points. Seems like YAHOO is passing their blame to the un-named 3rd. party! I just expected Yahoo to do a better job and post what is going on BEFORE WE MAKE OUR PICKS!!!!

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      • So you ran Almirola. I also ran Almirola. However I ran him *knowing* that Sam was driving, he was on the Entry List, it was discussed all week long. If you watch Nascar Now, Race Hub, it was very clear. Check with Jayski's, they post the entry list every week, they post current news and events. Only takes a few minutes to check these things.

        I ran Aric as I lacked confidence in Sam with him not running practice. My mistake, no big deal. OTOH though, I lost more points last week starting Vickers and him missing a shift and blowing the motor before ever completing a lap than I did this week. Personally, I am happy that I got out of this week with a 308, even though I had 326 sitting on the bench.

        IMO: It ain't Yahoo's job to keep us informed. It is our own duty to be informed.

        If we want Yahoo to be the responsible party and to be the one to do the work to keep us informed. We may as well surrender our bank accounts to the Gov't and all them to do the work of balancing our accounts and keep us informed of our financial status.

        My sincere condolences to you that you lost some points. But it's only a game. It's also only 26 points. I have lost more points due to wrecks, blown engines and just plain ol' occasional bad picks.

        I do understand being competitive. I am competitive. I screwed up week 14 at Pocono pretty bad. I got a 217. I screwed up again at the Glen and got a 226. Those two weeks hurt me pretty bad. The rest of the weeks in the Summer Segment, I have done alright and as such, have almost overcome those two bad weeks.

        It is ultimately our responsibility.

        Good luck to you next week at Bristol.

    • When playing other fantasy games, such as baseball, should you get points for a benched pitcher on your team listed as not starting after he throws a perfect game just because you didn't research to find he was in fact the starting pitcher? Or maybe in football not starting a wide receiver that has a 200 yard game and two touchdowns that was listed as injured? Same applies here folks, hindsight is twenty-twenty... Information is the key.

      We now know that using YaHoo as our informative tool is not wise.

    • I guess every single one of us who is entered in these Fantasy leagues should have also emailed Yahoo for a personal clarification. Maybe that would have crashed their system and required them to update everyone fairly.

    • The problem is not with the 3rd party....they got it right, by NASCAR rules Sam did not receive any points for racing sunday, penske did as an owner. The driver must qualify and complete at least 1 lap to get points for that race. So Yahoo got it wrong and because of their ignorance in the rules are penalizing all of us who understand the NASCAR rules and didn't want to take a zero. Yahoo says they can't fix it, but yet they make adjustments every week in fantasy football.

    • Hey that is the same message I recieved from Yahoo. And continue to Recieve. I told them they need to make a public statement about what happened and the rule that applies to this situation. They really dropped the ball on this one. Those of us that stuck With Hornish were rewarded the points he earned but he is still listed as not entered. Weird!!!

    • Hey Wes, Yahoo f'ed up so just fix it and adjust our points
      .All will be good.

    • it is a shame that i found the message board now with a post six hours ago. i changed my team due to his ne status. just because yahoo uses a third party does not excuse them from the mistake. if you have hornish on your roster you should be awarded the points if it was reversed like brian vickers or someone who is not racing than you have a valid point. oh well maybe it is time to find a league that pays attention

    • First of all I'd like to thank Joy for contacting Yahoo Customer Care and being one of the people who do so and posted their results.

      I too am a little miffed as I had to start my second pick, Aimrola, and although he finished well for a "C" driver, there is still a 26 point difference between him and Hornish. I for one, would consider that substantial.

    • You put the inaccurate reports out when you yellow flag and message me that the points will not count. My team still has in RED NE by his name. REALLY!!!!! You can't have it both ways.

    • I'm ok with it either way, but I do think it's funny that yahoo made the point to put in this remark...The driver status is provided by a third-party content provider. Yahoo! does not create or edit this content.

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