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  • Pritzi Pritzi Aug 18, 2012 12:39 PM Flag

    All The New Faces

    With so many people having the same problems/questions over #22, it has brought out a lot of new faces here. I think it is great to see this!!!...hope you guys stick around & good luck on the race tomorrow :)

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    • Your looking a little older Pritzi, what's the diff? Surely you didn't race up into Sam's rear end and come to a sudden halt? Damn! Looks like you got a #$%$bleaching!. I suppose that did away with the Bunny/sucking and now you want to hang with a more successful set of beings? Start your crap again? I'll go away for another 6 months. Stay civil and everything will be okay. I never understood why the Goat gave you the road, but if you go on like you did before, I'll get out of here.

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      • Goat gave Pritzi the road...?

        What does that mean? Not stirring the pot, just don't understand its meaning. I think I'm a fair person with reasonable tolerance. I also know that as humans we only hear what we want and then form our opinions from life's trial and error process. Text can be misleading, sometimes what is in print is not what was said... Ya know?

      • Look who decided to come out of their shell & make an appearance…AJ Turtle!!! Kind of nice seeing you out here, you always could liven the place up with your unique perspective/language on things here. Maybe we didn’t always get along HERE…but…gonna let you in on a little secret…always did like chatting with you on football instead *WINK*…LOL. Don’t worry about the rabbit…he is safe & usually only comes out around Easter. I may be getting older but I am getting wiser…last year was a little rough being the new kid on the block. Anyway, the whole point of this thread was to point out NEW people are here…we should encourage them to stick around & chat some….try not to scare them of with all of our well intended “fun & games”. Nobody needs to be an expert at NASCAR to chat here…there are plenty of people here who should be willing to help them understand better. Don’t think I am going soft on you AJ but it is good to see you out here. Read what you wrote about Mary & I sincerely hope she starts to feel better….you take care AJ :)

    • Are you smokin' crack.Who let the dogs out!!

    • So where did Adrian go?


    • I can't respond back to you AH under your comment because it is maxed out but MoToR is only messing with you because he know it gets you going & he is sitting behind his screen laughing. I should know, he has laughed at me several times (if you catch my drift)....He is just in one of those "moods" to have fun. Seriously, sooner or later...WE all need to let this go....ALL of us & start talking again. I think if WE could do this it would lighten the atmosphere here & more people would come back out of the wood works..............JMO

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      • No problem Pritzi. I rest my case. The sociopath motor is a rambling lunatic and his posts to several different people is just a small sample of what caused many to leave these before the board format change. It is what it is. I am not going to lose sleep over it. Best of luck to you and this board dear. Maybe someday Yahoo will implement IP bans so this motor character and others like him can be permanently assassinated from the Yahoo boards. Things will improve only then. Take care Pritzi and hopefully we will meet again.

    • There goes this thread...the more things change the more they stay same

    • As long as morons like MoToR, RAZR, Mr Sunday and the other arrogant jackasses who ruined the board with their "Clique" type fraternity crap stay under whatever moss covered rock they crawled beneath this board will be fine. They killed the board the first time. The spam was the best thing to ever happened. Washed those pieces of crud away to whatever "Our Gang" clubhouse board they found.

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      • Well I wouldn't exactly look at it as that brash but some of the regs, mainly that motor guy, did make a lot of people feel unwelcomed here. I just put most of that group on ignore in the past but the boards died because people did not want to be subject to the treatment and I just quit coming here much for a while. Then it was covered with spamming. Now the boards are a new format without an ignore feature which I don't like but it is what it is. Doubt I will ever be a regular here but in the past a few people did kind of kill the mood and moral of this board. Just my 2 cents.

      • Wow...

        I thought we were just having fun. I apologize for anything I've ever personally done to offend anyone out here. Fantasy racing is just a game. So have fun with it! I'll watch myself a little closer now. The "regs" have a wealth of NASCAR knowledge, and with given a chance, I'm sure it will be beneficial to just read what pertains and skip over what offends.

      • Call me a dreamer Johnny, but I think if “we” all put an effort into it we could make it work. At some point in the game, you just have to say we have all thrown “rocks”. We need to let bygones be bygones & move forward. Like I said, I may be a dreamer & want peace……OR……as some think, I am just crazy! What difference does it make if we just all try to get along :)

        Can you atleast think about it???

    • Whether you love or hate all the talk out here on Hornish & Yahoo…it sure has been nice to see this message board become “active” again & new faces joining in the conversation too. Hope many of them come back again & know that the “teasing” out here is just meant in fun :)

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      • The problem is when stuff like this happens, it is always the dumb ones who can't figure out anything, who come to protest how stupid they were... LoL. Then they get mad when I point out how simple it was to figure out. You asked the question and I answered it, quickly. it just wasn't that difficult to figure out.

        1st things 1st, no one who had their board set up right (do not show NE players) would have had this problem. If you can't see him you can't put him in your line up. Therefore their stupidity shines through once again. As soon as they get tired of having the truth shoved down their throat they will all go back to where they can pretend to be smart, kewl and charismatic. until then, have no fear I am here to show them how it is done. LoL.


      • Exactly Pritzi!

        Good dart girl!


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