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  • Jr. Jr. Jul 6, 2012 2:51 PM Flag

    trophy missing

    my spring trophy is not showing up. why is it gone. someon new cam in our league do they get it

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    • I hate to be the “bearer” of bad news JR but I’m pretty sure you will lose your trophy. Many of us out here join Chase Leagues (the last 10 races of the season) & most of those Leagues have a stipulation that you must have ZERO points when you join. The reason being is because at the end of the Season, Trophies are awarded to Spring, Summer, Fall & Champ. I have played in Chase Leagues before were people have won 3-4 trophies just for that League because others started out with ZERO points. Chase Leagues will be advertised out here soon & you should join one but start a new ID for a ZERO score balance. Also, you could start a separate Chase League for your office & try for a trophy there too. Either, sorry about the trophy but hope you have a great rest of the season & stop by anytime to chat with us out here :) We always like to see new people here :)

    • I have heard that one a lot Jr. Someone also pointed out that Yahoo had to sell them to pay for this lovely new board.

      Personally, I think the spammers stole them.

      As this is my first year, I can't really answer. But I have heard what you are saying from quite a few now. I finished first in the league I am in as well.

    • WoW - that would be a real drag and just plain wrong if they did!

      What you can do is check that new person's trophy case to see if it is there now by going to your league and clicking on his/her profile there (click on the person's racing name).

      Let me know what you find! I'd be interested to know if Yahoo! gave it to the new person.


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