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  • JimmyDee JimmyDee Jun 20, 2012 7:24 PM Flag

    I honestly believe Mojo

    Bump this up for fisherman Jack. Didn't even notice Mojo/Pritz since they keep to themselves. Did however get to put alot of IDs together on Sunday when whatever happened. If you where looking for someone else that seen this..I am caught. Mojo+Pritz=2 or maybe 1..while others answer themselves up to four times????? Cmon Bud...

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    • For the record, I really am tired of some people out here thinking Mojo & I are the same. Doing this makes it nearly impossible for me to be independent out here. Maybe Mojo & I keep to ourselves so much because we were “thrown” together over this idea of being 1. I can’t believe the majority of you have not figured it out by now….Mojo is a male & with me being a female & me getting “blamed” for much of his behavior or “schemes” because people think we are 1 in the same…OR how I reacted to some situations poorly….HE feels responsible & is protective over me. Think about it…it was the natural MAN thing to do over a FEMALE…

      Sorry…just needed to get that off my chest….FEMALE pun intended :)


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