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  • MOJO MOJO May 20, 2012 2:43 PM Flag

    Hey, over here.....

    Good afternoon Pritzi :)…..a lot of folks say: "promises are made to be broken"…..Mojo says: "promises are made to be KEPT"….the one I made to you, for sure!!....Spam??.....personally, it doesn’t bother me in the least….I think WHO or WHAT ever does it, will lose interest sooner or later…..incidently, Mojo has his suspects as to who is "Mr, or Mrs, Deleter"…..to hell with them!!!....I’m gonna start back right now, with what we were robbed of….interesting, meaningful dialog, back and forth on Nascar subjects, sports in general, personal anecdotes, or whatever!!....we were ripped off, of our threads!!.....(and other folks on their threads out here too, evidently)…..I suspect Bill Cosby had something to do with it…..if you know what I mean, (wink) :)…..I feel especially bad for you, Pritzi….IMO, you had some beautiful stories and takes disappear….(and heck, I cooked a pretty mean steak too!)…..your posts provided really good reading, with your observations, and the way you put YOUR touch on things….I sure do hope you saved them somehow!….please put them back out here….on THIS thread, ASAP…..you are right on the money with your take on the Jr./Sr. deal…Jr. (let alone the fans) WAS robbed of "racing out" the twilight of Sr.’s career…..I’m sure a LOT of neat things would have captured the fans imagination with Sr. and Jr. out there for several more years…oh, and another thing, IMO, Sr. would have "took" to Kyle Busch, and would have reached out, and mentored him….I think he would have seen a lot of similarities in the two of them…..and, IMO, if Kyle would have been exposed to that kind of mentoring, he would have a Championship or two by now!.....ya know, you talk of Darvish "not really being a Rookie"….well remember when Ichiro got ROY in 2000?? was it…..he was 27….now it looks like he’ll have 3000 hits in his MLB career!!.....IMO, I have no problem with Darvish being considered a Rookie….despite his career in Japan….I know what you mean though, Harper is only 19…..and another thing….Harper will struggle (see his 0 for 5 on Saturday)…..but all the experts say he is the proverbial "can’t miss"….it sure will be fun following BOTH their careers!!.....now, heres the deal sister!....come strong with some more of your stuff ….I expect to see some SOON!!....Mojo "just try to TOP me (which you have done many times)" Workin PS: I don’t believe for a second that you don’t like the Busch brothers!!!.....YOU know (wasted?) talent when you see it, just like Mojo (wink)

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    • LOL Mojo…only a little sunburn on my shoulders & on my nose :) We all had fun & most the guys had to test out their “toys” for an upcoming poker run on CCL on July 21st. We are already setting up our “teams” for it…..I love doing ANY Poker Runs esp. on WATER!!! Check out this video on CC from 2 years ago for another run (smaller one but listen to the beginning…love it when they say “GO“ LOL) http://youtu.be/2W8dLjBtkZY …the one on the 21st will be HUGE!!! As for today, I had my best score all season long…I got you by over 30+. However, I needed it after my disastrous starts with KK. Glad your kid Harper is doing so well…I know you got that “Vegas Man Crush” going for him..LOL :) I was happy to see Kurt do well. Actually, today we were talking about him & that divorce of his & how it is “affecting” him…he needs to get that finalized before he can do anything. I know “they” must be positioning him in the courts with a “financial” angle to his racing…his “stock” has to go down….if you catch my drift. I don’t care for that “woman” at all….& I know you know what I mean by that. I just wish him well. You know what they say…"If the pigs want you to wallow…you have to get in mud & get all dirty…& they LOVE IT.”….Sooooo…if you want to stay clear of the PIGS….don’t get in the MUD!!!

      I need to get ready for bed early tonight & Enter Sandman http://youtu.be/CD-E-LDc384 No special meaning either…I just like to play it loud too!!! Hope you had “fun” today…you take care & I will catch ya later *wink* :):)

    • Hey Pritzee....you didn't get those sexy tan lines around your bikini at the lake, did you? (pant, pant!!)....I just hope they weren't BURN lines!....if you did get sunburned, I'm available to rub oil on you....just kiddin!....(yea right)....how many points today for you?....I did KINDA OK....I got 340.....but I did move back to 414th in the world though....Harper got a Double and a Single today....he's hitting .286....about the race: Kurt PROVED he is one of the very best wheelmen on the planet today!....in a race type, that has less bering on equipment, he "hung" admirably, don't you think?....I think Finch is "Kurt's owner", more than Kurt is "Finch's driver"....(I know that YOU know what I mean by that, I'm not so sure about some of these other folks out here though)....my sources tell me that Kurt is putting cash from his own pocket into that team....Mojo "Darvish for AL ROY, and the All Star team" Workin


      This is ANOTHER band out of...you guessed it, Seattle!....I picked it for no other reason.....no special meaning, I just like it....hope YOU do to.....play it LOUD!!!....

    • LMAO Mojo….that comment over Here vs. Hear still has your feathers ruffled…too funny :)

      I am Locked & Loaded...GL to you...

    • Thanks for the wonderful post Pritzee....real busy (work etc).....get back to you later....Mojo

    • All right!!.....maybe you are :).....but work on that "spellin" (wink).....Mojo "spell check" Workin

    • It's "cheek".....and don't think for a second, you are "slicker" than Mojo......NOBODY is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Richard…Oswalt gave a stellar performance last night. Out of 110 pitches, he pounded the strike zone 81 times!!! He received a standing ovation from the crowd :) Not too bad for a guy we signed on May 29th….I think Nolan was right on that juice :)

      As for the other stuff, about commenting….that was just tongue & check. Don't worry about it at all. On a different note, is this the “account/ID” you are having all your problems under….right???? This one I am responding to……

    • Pritzi,I've been trying to relax this week and at the same time wage war against Yahoo! I didn't ignore,or mean to ignore anything Mojo had to say. My focus is elsewhere right now. Hope you both can understand that.

    • http://youtu.be/C4VCUbL7jsc You sure were BUSY last night...see ya soon there *wink* ;)

    • Mojo, you know what the DIFFERENCE is between Darvish & Harper? Roughly 90 million…LMAO!!!! Can you say….ALL STAR SALARY?!?!?! Bryce at 19M & Strasburg at 15M….Nationals sure are getting their money’s worth…I sure do hope those boys agents get them higher paying contracts “next” time around….LMAO!!! I’m just messing with ya Mojo…we know how those rookie signing contracts work but for Darvish to jump to the MAJORS here as a Rookie…he nailed it on the money!!!! Maybe all ROOKIES should have a translator/interpreter with them at all times!!!ROTFLMAO….rattle rattle rattle :):) I’m sure both will be at Kansas City but I’m thinking Darvish will be in a FANCIER hotel…you know…the ones that have those mini bars in them….rattle rattle rattle!!! “WHIP”?????….."OPS”….I mean “OOPS”….YEAH…I know what means!!!

      Not really going into detail over Game last night. LeBron just made an A$$ of himself last year over the Mavs….hard for me to shake it off. However, I can be happy for Bosh. I have always liked him. BTW, I jumped into some of the streams last night…didn’t feel like engaging out there…but you & some others had some great points :):):) I might be out there for the race & we can bring some of it up then…when I “cool” off some….but that could change…some want to get together to watch the race at a friends house but I’m just not that much into watching road courses. On the other hand, they have a great media room & sound system….races look pretty good on his system.

      On a lighter note, I thought you would get a laugh out of this. I told you good “news” is coming…I’m switching subsidiaries soon (major move for me) & it is leaking out “here” with a few. So let the farewell pranks, jokes & being punk’d begin. LMAO!!! These guys get crazy…I got this e-mail late day yesterday & it from a “superior“ (he already knows)…... “Dear “Pritzi”,
      I was overtaken by events today and am not going to be ready to meet effectively tomorrow. Can we meet Monday at 9:30 to discuss the position and give you a preliminary demonstration of the “-----------” concepts? I promise to have you done by 11:30 Monday and we can set a second meeting for later next week if everything meets with your satisfaction.” The object of the “game” is to see how far you can go without crossing any HR “lines”…we do it with everyone here…esp. when they leave…it is just a tradition. Anyway, I got so stumped, I just left a VM saying…"OK”…see if you can catch the potential “pitfalls”…LMAO!!!

      Need to get going know Mojo…I wrote these up in advance to post out here quickly…Read your other stuff & have some of my opinions on them...get to you on those later....Hope you are having a good day & I will catch ya later :):):)

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