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  • Pritzi Pritzi Jun 6, 2012 6:53 PM Flag

    Hey, over here.....

    I had no idea posing this question to you Mojo would unfold the chain of events that happened today…ROTFLMAO!!!! You know how superstitious I can be & trust me when I say I had it tested today. The subject of discussion around the office became which was harder to achieve…the Triple Crown in Horse Racing or Baseball. I think I should go with Baseball….because around 4pm Dallas time….the SKIES grew very DARK. Rain & Thunder came down on us out of nowhere but not before LIGHTNING struck & knocked the power out….I’m pretty sure the BASEBALL Legends of the past & GOD were sending a MESSAGE!!!!!…….BASEBALL!!!!!

    Whatever little “spat” you & I were having this morning has been placed on the back burner….LOL!!! But I will give you the following information/FACTS that was obtained for our “lively” convo around the water cooler today. FIRST & foremost….BASEBALL is an American Sport…PERIOD….no FOREIGNER made it up (that was an argument 1 with some)….because in 1845 a guy named Shane Ryley Foster wrote the rules for “town ball?“ for a team called the Knickerbockers in Manhattan NY!!!! Some 10 years later, there was a convention with 25 teams formed & at that meeting. SECOND (for other arguments made by some for stat purposes) In 1869.…The Cincinnati Red Stockings become the 1st professional team with paid players. Depending on how you want to look at it….Pro Baseball has been around for 143 years….or MORE & up to 167.…LOL.

    Like we discussed earlier, there have been 11 Triple Crown Winners in Horse Racing over a 137 years span (that I “respectively” noted in a prior comment). However, the main argument I heard centered around “only” having to capture 3 races. There have been 15 Triple Crown Winners in Baseball (some repeats)…I will list them too…out of RESPECT for the Baseball GODS…..basically, that storm spooked us!!!! LOL. They are 1) Carl Yastrzemski (1967 AL) BOS .326, 44 HR, 121 RBI: 2) Frank Robinson (1966 AL) BAL .316, 49 HR, 122 RBI 3) Mickey Mantle (1956 AL) NYY .353, 52 HR, 130 RBI; 4) Ted Williams (1947 AL) BOS .343, 32 HR, 114 RBI; 5) Ted Williams (1942 AL) BOS .356, 36 HR, 137 RBI; 6) Joe Medwick (1937 NL) STL .374, 31 HR, 154 RBI 7) Lou Gehrig (1934 AL) NYY .363, 49 HR, 165 RBI; 8) Jimmie Foxx (1933 AL) PHA .356, 48 HR, 163 RBI 9) Chuck Klein (1933 NL) PHI .368, 28 HR, 120 RBI 10) Roger Hornsby (1925 NL) STL .403, 39 HR, 143 RBI 11) Roger Hornsby (1922 NL) STL .401, 42 HR, 152 RBI 12) Ty Cobb (1909 AL) DET .377, 9 HR, 107 RBI 13) Nap Lajoie (1901 AL) PHA .426, 14 HR, 125 RBI 14) Tip O’Neill (1887 AA) STL .435, 14 HR, 123 RBI 15) Paul Hines (1878 NL) PRO .358, 4 HR, 50 RBI

    With all that being said….For tonight, I wish the very best for my Rangers, will be hoping the Spurs win (??? what happened there????) & will be happy to see the Kings get their first Cup if they win tonight….although, I would like to see the series played out more. Last thing I will say on horse racing if you have not seen this movie before you should….it is by far I of the best movies I have ever seen http://youtu.be/8GlZJ4wVLdA (ps...notice the horse is the #3).............But BASEBALL RULES!!!! ….

    LOL..."catch" ya later & try to behave :)


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