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  • tombo tombo May 5, 2012 10:19 PM Flag

    danica needs parked

    im sorry for those who are gonna disagree but she needs to be parked for her actions today.this is exactly what buch was parked for last year and shouldnt be treated any different.
    this is talladega she could have killed him.
    she has no reason to even be in these cars anyway,give that ride to joanna long she can drive.

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    • bumps nascar

    • I agree with Tombo, she needs to be porked for a long time...oh...wait...you said Parked...right,right, she needs to be parked...lol

    • Bump anything Nascar

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      • From what i saw is that Sam & another car were bumping and Sam moved up the track. So do you think he knew she was there? I dont think Sam intentionally would put her in the wall. This is NASCAR and bumping is racing,they dont have right side mirrors. Maybe? he got a flat from contact with the other car which was part of why he moved up,she was just in the wrong spot and thought they`re picking on me so she acted like a woman scorned does. Boohoo Danica,you`re playing with the big boys now so put on those big boy shoes & quit acting like your`re so special to the sport.

    • Glad I was recording the end of the race due to the Derby. I watched it a few tmes and I don't know what ya'lls problem is. I'd likely have done the same thing.
      Don't poke your finger in my eye unless you want your ass whooped.

    • Sam didn't have a problem turning left by the time he got to turn one, after running her up the track in the tri-oval. If he couldn't steer like he claimed, he should have went straight into the turn one wall all on his own. Danica probably picked up on that and was just helping him out. She didn't want him to look stupid, or like he was making stuff up, at his interview after the race. Didn't see her running from the bottom of the tri-oval to the top, like Sam said either. Nascar may need to alter their policy to "have at it boys and girls".

    • i agree got to send a message to that driver in the 7 car

    • Tombo - I agree with the sentiment, if not her being parked - THIS Time.

      But, I think it is coming. She will be parked one day, IMHO. I think she's gonna learn some things the hard way. And, I am supportive of her NASCAR racing, so I am not saying this as a detractor.

      Remember the Morgan Shepherd/Danica incident, where Danica showed A LOT of ignorance and made an ass of herself?

      Check out this article - and look at her picture here:


      The one picture tells a thousand words -

      and, I really like this sentence: "Immediately, that intense fury which resides in Patrick came bursting to the surface, accusing Shepherd of taking her out."

      Sounds like this is going to be a pattern with her.

      Danica needs to get a grip - she way over-reacted - wrecked a car & that will cost a lot of $ to repair (so it is also a slap in the face to Penske) - for what was an accident - Sam said he had a tire going down and he was trying to get Elliot Sadler to back off pushing him because he couldn't steer - and the video certainly appears to support it - and Sam is a straight-shooter: When he screws up, he owns up. He had nothing to gain by lying.

      I agree, she acted like the shrub at his worst.

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      • If Sam couldn't steer, then why did he keep his foot in it?
        If you look at the facts instead of listening to the drivers, you would end up closer to the truth every time.

        And that quote is coming from the media which tries to sensationalize things to make a story out of not so much of a story.

        I guess the author of it is new to racing. Any race fan can tell that person that the statement is true of nearly all drivers. A driver lacking that "intense fury" won't be found running up front very often. And they will watch somebody else make the victory lap every week.

        Danica is getting flack because the spotlight is always on her. Every move she makes is magnified and analyzed by every talking head following the series.
        Rarely has a driver been under such scrutiny. Even the best can get a belly full and react.

        And she doesn't have the luxury of a laid back attitude. If she acts that way, then she's accused of not being driven enough to warrant her being in the car.

        Damned if she does, and damned if she don't.lol

        Danica is good for the sport. And at a time when the sport needs all the help it can get.

        It's interesting to me that nobody says anything about Milka Duno. Here is a woman that is so obsessed with trying to out do Danica that she follows her wherever she goes to race. Indy cars...there's Milka. Danica moves to stock cars and there's Milka in the ARCA series trying to catch up to Danica in stock cars.

        I say try doing your jobs at work while hoards of people are bird dogging your every move. Each with their own personal critique on everything in your life and everything you do and say.

        My opinion is that she's doing pretty good, all things considered.

        Sorry about rambling on.

    • I have to disagree. You know as well as I do that Kyle is more a habitual offender. Last Texas was not the first time Kyle had been reprimended. He had been put on probation before that incident so they had to take things one step further.

      This would be Danica's first incident of that nature and keeping in line with other first time offenders, she will most likely get a stern lecture and maybe probation.

    • hey pig farmer you really are brain damaged. you post some of the dumbest scat out here.

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