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  • MoToR® MoToR® May 5, 2012 7:41 AM Flag


    This helps you understand his slogan for the election this year. Forward, (into the abyss) Forward into Government dependency. Forward off the edge of the cliff. Forward because if you look at his past you see the the truth. On this Day (Karl Marx Bitrthday) Obama will be pushing Forward into Karl Marx Dream of socialism... Nice day for him to pick to start his second campaign for presidency. Kick off his bid in Bill Aires home 1st time and second time around he chooses Karl Marx birthday. So many signs for all to read, but many are too complacent to care. While the rest are just dependent and will vote themselves gifts from the workers of the country... A vote for Obama is a Vote for the end of America as we know it. Look what he did in 3 1/2 years imagine 4 1/2 more........

    RIP America if the people don't wake up....


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