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  • Benny Benny May 1, 2012 7:06 PM Flag

    'Dega Qualifying

    Qua is set for Saturday at 12 NOON local time. Highs that day are expected to be close to 90.

    Going out early to qualify may be the best course of action, so I would expect some sandbagging going on in that 1st Friday practice.

    Any opinions on this strategy?

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    • As much as I hate sandbagging, I do understand the reason they do it. Wasn't it at Kansas though that they were sandbagging and Dinger took the pole late in qualifying?

      There were a couple of good fast qualifiers late in qualifying if memory serves.

    • I wonder if anyone would want to be on track with me. I found out that I race more like Ironhead than I ever thought I would. One groove tracks, momentum cars, and if I caught them, that meant to me that I'm faster and I moved them out of the way to make a pass. I rarely spun anyone out doing it, and most of the time it did happen, the other guy spun on purpose. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.
      Our rules were that both cars involved in a spin were sent to the back. So, I was careful about how I moved them.lol

      And we did varying inverted starts so that nobody knew where they would draw the line of how many cars were inverted for the start. Pole could start tenth or twelfth. And twelfth starts first.

      That would be the only way to really combat sandbagging. Invert a portion of the field after qualifying positions are set. Pole still gets first pit stall choice and so on. If it is limited to a certain number of cars, let's say the top ten, do a draw to determine how many cars invert. It can be done by a fan who inspects the pieces with the numbers on them and places them in a container to then draw one and determine the invert.

      It isn't practical for NASCAR's purposes for a number of reasons, though. Although it would be fun and make things interesting.

      No tighty whiteys for RB!!! And I ain't puttin my bare butt in a dang hot seat!!!LMAO
      No cook de coconuts!(appropriate "eek" smilie here)

    • i havent seen it make a difference lately

    • could be some sandbaggin
      but i wouldn't put alot of emphasis on it
      here doesn't matter where u start,its where u finish
      i just hope i can pick the pole position
      i see everyone doing the same
      going high first lap for speed,then puttin down the lap on second

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      • Qualifying is very important for the Yahoo Fantasy game. For example, if you outscore your opponents by a average of 10 points for 36 races in the Qua process...well, I'll let you do the math.

      • Qualifying has a lot more significance than that. The most important is pit stall selection. The farther back you qualify, the worse the pit stalls get.

        There was once a time at a couple of tracks that they didn't even have enough pit stalls for the entire 43 car fields and some had to share and/or pit in an area close by pit road.

        The pole qualifier gets the cleanest pit exit by getting to pick the first or last pit stalls which are usually the best.

        Qualifying does matter. Listen to some of the drivers complain about going in the pits in one position and getting out deeper in the field, all because of a bad pit location.

    • That is the SOP. And really has been the entire modern era.
      I see no reason for that to change now.

      Sandbagging is an art in itself when doing it for qualifying position. You have to out sandbag all the other sandbaggers.lol


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