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  • Pritzi Pritzi May 1, 2012 9:33 AM Flag

    On This Day In History

    In 2011, Justice was served & the World became a safer place!!!

    I will not utter his name but chose to honor the bravery of our Elite Forces.

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    • I have one for you "Blueberry Waffles with warm Maple Syrup", errrrrrrrrrrr Pritzi.....on May 2nd, 1939 Lou Gehrig's streak of 2130 games played ended!!!.....BTW, I was never that impressed when Cal Ripken broke Gehrig's streak.....Ripken was left in games when he was in HORRIBLE slumps, by his DAD!! the manager, just to keep the streak alive!!!....he also played in games while injured, for an inning or two, just to keep the streak alive.....Mojo "big deal Ripken!!" Workin

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      • First of all thanks for making me crave waffles now!!!….I’m going to have to MAJORLY disagree with you one this point Mojo!!! Don’t forget the nature of SPORTS…being the best, excelling & setting records. Those records are destined to be broken (You of all people should know this)!!! With out a doubt, Lou Gehrig was a GREAT & will always have LEGENDARY status in baseball. However, if the record was to be broken, I can’t think of a better person than Cal Ripken. He is a class act & represented baseball well. So often times it seems only the "bad boys" get the media attention. Cal Ripken EARNED that RECORD….& from a female standpoint…how could you not love those Baby Blue Eyes!!! ....Sorry "Kid"...I like Cal....LOL :)

      • I remember watching that first show with my dad. And after it was over, we got ready to go to the track like we'd do every weekend.

        They always had at least one show a season featuring the Joie Chitwood Thrill Show. They wintered in Florida and traveled the state doing their show at local tracks. I saw them several times at Speedway Park in Jacksonville, Florida. And several times in the Tampa-St Pete area at a few different tracks.
        Some of ya'll will notice the name Chitwood because there is one that is now a track president in NASCAR.

        And their shows were great even at today's standards.

        Wide World of Sports opened up sporting events to Americans that we normally wouldn't get to see at that time. Their shows were well done. And they were a highlight of my week for many years.

        Good thread, btw.


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