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  • Pritzi Pritzi Apr 26, 2012 4:42 PM Flag


    Here comes the litmus test http://youtu.be/8fPi8w4h-NY

    Until, I get my "answers" ;)

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    • I know you were asking me about baseball Mojo….I started to write something back to you until that thread was erased again. For the time being let me just post to you what I had written so far & why I will always love baseball. I need to shift gears & make my picks for the race. Catch ya later :).......

      It is no secret that I love baseball…especially my Rangers. My love & appreciation for baseball comes from my Father (he was born in NY…playing The Yankees is tough for him…LOL). Baseball is one of the things my Father & I have “bonded” over. I have mentioned before out here, that my Father was burned (scalded) over the majority of his body when he was 18 months old. This was over 71 years ago… burns, surgery & recovery was totally different then. Anyway, before my Father was a teenager he had over 16 surgeries alone on his right hand (his fingers on his left hand were amputated as a child). As a result of those surgeries & scar tissue, he can neither open nor completely close his right hand but a baseball can fit PERFECTLY into his hand. Like most kids, he wanted to play baseball. He adapted to shoving a mitt over his “left” hand and turned his right hand & arm into a UNIQUE pitching machine….his hand could never open up on the follow through!!! He was the starting pitcher for varsity in the 9th grade. He could break a ball 12 feet off the mound & reach the strike zone!!! I believe to this day he could have made it to at least the minors if not the majors. Unfortunately, at least in my family, by 10th grade he was shipped off to military school (Riverside) & his baseball days ended. Nonetheless, Dad & I love baseball and we have always sat behind home plate where he could teach me to watch the ball & “look” for the pitch….I will always love baseball because of my Father


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