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  • Pritzi Pritzi Apr 26, 2012 5:07 PM Flag

    Tired of the Spam!!!!!!

    For what is worth Mr. Sunday, Mojo & I don’t have this bond of “greatness”…we just like to talk out here. What brought us together was the endless accusing of Mojo & I being the same person and how I got wrapped up in his actions because of this confusion & the joy certain people took in going after me (& some “Alt” ID’s) to get to him & see me get upset. As for the “psssstttt” thread…it never said only Mojo could talk on it…it has always been open to anyone to comment on.

    Also, bet you didn’t know this fact (even though a certain individual told me they would tell you)….remember when I got so “ugly” with you out here on the message board last year??? Your words confused me & I thought when you spoke to me out here that day…I “thought” you were telling me you were “Mojo” (at that point, everyone told me “Mojo” was an Alt. ID…I thought you were letting me know it was you). You had always been kind to me at another “chat” area & up to that point “Mojo” & I were having “words”….at that moment, I was for sure you were telling me you were “Mojo” & I was MAD!!!….

    This whole Message Board could be set back to its “starting position” if everyone could just let bygones be bygones & MOVE forward…JMHO :)


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