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  • MoToR® MoToR® Apr 26, 2012 9:32 AM Flag

    Tired of the Spam!!!!!!

    Time to go back to the Original NascarNation. This is the site that Nascar.com tried to build their site around.

    Want Nascar Chat? We got it...
    Want Funny Videos? We got them......
    Want great articles from great writers? We got them too... and No I am not one of them. LoL.
    Want Child Porn? Take your Sick Ass somewhere else. We don't want you at NN.
    Want Spam? Neither do we and .ning is a company with people who work to protect against it. unlike this place.

    See you there tonight friends and maybe some new faces.


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    • Lots of errors have been occurring out here…LOL!!! I was only trying to explain to you that a certain thread is not exclusive. Additionally, I was trying to convey to you an "error" I had made in thinking you were "Mojo". Remember…Mojo & I started out as "sparring" partners. What brought our "friendship" together was all the rhetoric of people thinking we were 1 in the same. Our arguments went from being with each other to joining forces to defend one another…LOL. However, let it be known, I made a "mistake" of identity with you & regret how I spoke to you….I thought you were Mojo…and if you did not receive the "message"…I am sorry for my behavior. Take care & enjoy your race :)

    • For some reason im getting an error 999...I was responding in kind to your post Pritzi and could`nt send it. So I had to switch ID`s...What ever differences you might have with someone else is not my problem. Im not going to get into any of that. Thats why i go to NN and leave all of whats out here..here ! The good people at NN do the same and enjoy spending time during races.Talking about the race as well as other things going on in their lives. Its fun for me also. I plan on showing up this for this weeks race. I love under the lights at Richmond,one of my favorite races.

    • NascarNation huh.....could that be the site you have to frequent, or your life is made miserable on THIS MB???....the folks at NN couldn't be doing the old "ruin one MB to gain members at another MB" could they???.....just wondering on a few things here.....also when you say "we at NN", who do you mean MoToR???.....Dave or Dale never come on this MB any more!!!....are you just doing their dirty work???....something that is fishy at NN is the "we have your info when you sign up" deal there....imagine what an underhanded sort could do (and has done) with that "info" (email and IP stuff et.).....again, just wondering on a few things.....you speak of "great articles from great writers" at NN.....we have that on this MB.....(see deletions of late here).....still, I'm just wondering here....Mojo "you sure as heck ain't slick MoToR" Workin

    • Hey fella, are you an autobot also?


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