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  • Uncle Supe Uncle Supe Apr 19, 2012 12:31 AM Flag

    The day the music died!

    Thank God he put one in Salt Lake.

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    • That's ok asshole! Slam an American Religion along with a great American. Let me make it clear right now. I'm not a member of the Mormon church or have I ever been. I see how you are willing to carry the spiritual as indeference, as many others have before you, into another generation. Jerry Lee Lewis,was even able too say, Dick Clark was a fair man. He helped Jerry see where he was wrong and helped him to get back on the the air. But you Uncle Gagger, you have to go so far beyond where they were then. I guess that makes you the big Gagger! I bet you suck Larry Flint's worthless mind for all of it's worth! God forgive you. Frankly, I don't see why you are here on this website. I am a Nascar Fan. What is your reason? Are you here because your a sexual predator? We don't need your kind here anymore then we need the other assholes of the past! I think you are able to jump in with out using descretion or descention, you just do it. Sir that isn't right!


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