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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Apr 14, 2012 3:48 PM Flag

    pick a winner pick a fight

    Dragontail - congrats on all those qualifying points!

    This is just my two cents - and hindsight will be 20-20, but - right now, Junior is going for a win, and - from what I'm reading, KK will just try to finish right now and pull himself up in the standings, then focus on winning later.

    But, obviously, if a win is in their sights, KK& Kenny Francis will go for it - but, right now, they just want a solid finsih.

    On the other hand, Junior and Steve Latarte are going for the win.

    Also, in the past few years, mit seems to me that Junior has started the season stronger, and finished slower. Whereas KK, get hotter as the season go by.

    In your situation, between Junior and KK, I would use Junior while he is hot and going for a win, and wait for KK to stabilize - I think the peeps who save KK for later in the season will be glad they did.

    But, it is up to you - go with gut, if it is tugging you in a certain direction, is what I say.

    We have almost the same roster - I have the 55 instead of the 5 - for what it's worth, right now I have locked in 17, 56, 16, and 21 - and it will take a lot to change my mind on that - gonna check the crew chief notes on Mark Garrow's chat :
    http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/chat/_/id/25026/fantasy-nascar-focus at 4:00, otherwise, I'm set.

    The 56 is smoldering right now, and should get some bonus points for leading a lap.


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