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  • Rickster Rickster Apr 11, 2012 7:24 PM Flag


    Looks like the state of Florida was FORCED to charge Zimmerman. More political bullshit. All I can say is the good people of Florida better hope the jury finds him guilty or you will have a repeat of 1992 LA.

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    • Trayvons Mother: "A person should apologize if they truly feel remorse. I believe it was an accident. I believe it was a situation that got out of control and he couldn't turn back the clock." Made today on the Today Show.

      There is so much information that can be derived from that statement. The biggest of which is Maybe George should have just "Apologized" After all that is not much to ask. It sounds like She believes his story also. This may have been the 2nd biggest mistake she made. 1st was bringing in Al (not so) Sharpton. (I like that Razor, I'm stealing it. LoL) This statement will surely reduce the charges for George. It is hard to convict of second degree murder if the mother believes it was an accident.


    • I say...

      We let the greatest judicial system in the free world decide innocence or guilt and get back to NASCAR. Only two people know exactly what actually happened, and one of them is dead.

      The media perverts every story, if you don't know that by now, stick your head back in the sand and put yourself back in perfect position to have your ass kicked through the goal posts of life...

      That was not directed at anyone on this board, just a statement in general. Don't start hatin' on Da Goat for voicing his opinion. PLEASE!

    • IMO this is pathetic sooooo I just purchased WAY more ammo and its getting harder to get....

      nice to here from you Reb

    • I'm not the judge nor the jury so what I say or think don't matter. This story will be long forgotten before the truth ever gets out.


    • Wrong again motor,the witnesss (albeit didn't have a good look out his window because of darkness) purely states that it looked like the big guy was on top.That was on tape,we'll just wait for all the facts to surface.

    • Watching Fox News.............love how the Black Panthers want to have a race war.................wonder what would happen if the KKK went on national TV and said they wanted a race war? Ya know what I'm thinking? Charles Manson wasn't as stupid as he appeared to be!! With that comment, I'm outta here.........hope you all have a great night!!

    • So you think the Zim man confronted him with a gun before Zim was taken to the concrete?

    • He didn't live there. He was visiting, at least that is was I heard. If he was that close why was he on top of Zimmerman? Why did he not just go in the house? If he belonged why did he run? That in itself is a guilt action. You do run away from somewhere you belong. There is a lot of questions. One question he asked himself right before he was shot, "Why did I punch this guy?" If he wasn't attacking Zimmerman He would have never got shot. Right or Wrong If someone is beating my head in concrete and I have a gun, Well black white green orange red or even one hell of a hot chick naked. I'm still blowing your F'ing head off......

      This is not about race but more about culture. You see them on the news all the time Thugs in hoodies robbing stores. I bet he didn't know which side of his @$$ the belt went on either. They complain about profiling how about knowing looking like that you get profiled. I'm not saying George is innocent in this but there is Eye witnesses that seen Trayvon on top of George and heard the gun shot and saw Trayvon on the ground after. Until they find that testimony false George is looking at some kind of self defense. I can't help but believe if George confronted Trayvon with a gun, Trayvon would hit him and try splitting his head open on the concrete. Trayvon had to get a jump on him to get in the position of beating his head like a coconut he was trying to get the milk out of.

      I'm not the Judge and I'm not the jury, I don't trust what the news media says in a lot of cases. They pick and choose what they want us to know. Most of the time they don't lie but they don't tell you the whole truth. Just what ever they want you to think.


    • as long as obama bin laden is in office i have no comment....just in case,IF you know what i mean.

    • I never implied that at all Ben, like I said earlier...........you should be able to walk down the street in America, but we both know that's not how it is, and never will be, it's just the facts bro!!

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