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    Martinsville Debacle

    The Hendrick cars of Gordon, Johnson and Jr were the class of the field yesterday along with Clint Bowyer. The end of the race however did not end as they had hoped, but who is to blame? Let’s look at a few folks.
    Naturally the first is Dave Reutimann. He had a broken tire rod and crossed from the outside to the inside as if to get to the pits. Reutimann decided to limp around the track instead to keep the car in the top 35. Now if all you wanted to do was limp around the track, why go to the inside, stay on the outside out of the way. He passed the pits a second time and was immediately black flagged because he was a hazard. The car immediately died and he stopped at the end of the straight away. The problem with Reuti’s explanation is he was so slow that he couldn’t realistically remain on the inside without drawing a flag and if he stayed on the outside, he couldn’t stay ahead of Dave Blaney. Actually he wouldn’t have stayed ahead of him on the inside either as he was so slow. Also both cars are owned by Tommy Baldwin, he could have just called both cars in and let Reutimann out score the 36 car and they both would have been in the top 35, so it was all for naught.
    Blamed #2 is Clint Bowyer. He stuck his nose down under the 24 car, which had slide up a little because he had no tires left. There is nothing good going to happen when you go three wide in turn 1 at Martinsville, somebody is going to wreck, Bowyer had no problem with that, he just hoped it wasn’t him. Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work and he got caught in the melay. He had a decision to go for the win or settle for 3d place. You can’t blame a racer for racing. Later I saw him in the trailer area trying to get down to one of the trailers, was it Reutimann or Newman? I don’t know, but he has no one to blame but himself for his results.
    Blamed #3 Newman. He hit Bowyer at the start finish line, but this was not the cause of the wreck. Lady luck smiled on him and he happened to be at the right place at the right time. This team worked hard all day to get him back up to be in this position and didn’t do anything any other team would have done. He just as easily could have been caught in the rubble, but came away with a smile and has nothing to be ashamed of at this race.
    Blame #4 Gordon-Johnson duo. Darryl Waltrip actually called this one, though it is nothing new at Martinsville or other short tracks. If the two teams had worked together they could have brought the trophy back to HMS. IF…….the 24 starts on the outside and the 48 blocks the inside and lets the 24 get to the corner first and they come out of the turn 1-2, this gives them a lap and half to race for the win. Actually, RCR did this all day on Saturday during the truck race with Harvick starting on the outside and Ty Dillion on the inside, Harvick led going into the turn and they brought both trucks in one peace. Their competitiveness was their own undoing, don’t blame others if you decide not to work together.
    Blame #5 Nascar. They could have warned the 10 team to get their car off the track after they passed the pits the first time and let them know they would be black flagged or worse. Actually, I don’t know if they did, but I don’t think so or it probably would have been leaked by now.
    So who is to blame? Pick any of the above if it make you feel better, but for me ….it’s just a racing thing.

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    • after bristol we were bichin it wasnt enough excitement.
      this week too much?

    • Blame me..... Except for by my wife, I haven't been blamed for anything lately. LoL.


    • Great take Roushkateer! There is plenty of blame to go around.

    • And I have to disagree.

      Being on old tires Gordon and Johnson weren't going to go as quick as the others and they ended up stacking the field behind them. Notice on the replay that the outside lane had the same bumper tag going on as the inside. Jr. got into Brad, because Brad had to check up to keep from running into Johnson. The only difference is that the inside lane had another lane to go to.

      Now Newman does share some of the blame for causing the wreck, he tried to go under Bowyer but instead bumped him when Bowyer tried to block, but I would not say that he mostly created the wreck. I feel it has to be equally spread around between Bowyer, Gordon and Newman

    • Nobody. That's what happens sometimes.

      Do people expect drivers to just sit back and not even try to get past? I certainly don't.

      • 1 Reply to Randomness
      • Nobody is crying, goat. I called the end of the race the way I saw it. No crying.
        It's my opinion. I don't recall throwing insults at anyone for their opinions.
        You've stepped over the line, man. Disagree all you want, but don't be condescending with me, please. I don't do it to you.

        I stated facts in my comments. Facts that are backed up by footage and interviews.

        I'm disappointed in you. I thought that you were above such things. Read what I said again. And ask yourself if it really warranted the kind of response you gave it. In particular the parts containing the personal comments.

        We have had a good MB sharing experience so far, and I would not like that to change.
        I'll end with my last statement above.

    • FUCK THAT!!!!

      It was racin', plain and simple...

      You want to cry, go play baseball, golf, tennis, or some other sport that allows it.

      Every driver at any level knows that when someone has fresher tires, gains the position, and is BEYOND your A post going into a turn has the right to be there.

      You want to shove blame? Ask your crew chief why you stayed out...

      WAAAAAHHHH! I'm takin' my ball and going home...

      Don't ask these DRIVERS to not drive!!!

    • Great analysis!

      Newman was going 3 Wide Low, and put Bowyer in the position that he had to make a move.

      However, Johnson and Gordons worn tires were the culprits.

    • First I blame Ruiti...he caused the caution...69 laps down with 5 to go & your car has done gone beyond shit...sheeeshhh...get your ass off the track...& that begs the question #5 should have stepped in...

      Iffin' for that there would not have been a #2 thru #4...

      But, since #1 did happen...I blame #2 because he drove way too deep thinking 12 tires where better than 4...& instead of a top 3 or maybe the win, if he would have waited one more corner, he took himself out of contention along with the 2 leaders...dumbass bone headed move...

      #3 did happen but #2 still could have prevented it bt not drining in too deep...he had time to slow down...that's what the left pedal is for...

      As for #4, well, they got punted by #2...

      But I did still score 326, the mayhem cost me about 26 points...


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