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  • PostGame PostGame Apr 19, 2012 5:34 PM Flag

    Anybody watching the...

    These guys are getting SOAKED today. Anybody know (typically) do all of them make it to adulthood?

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    • My brother-in-law who is a retired Forest Ranger and an outdoor freak says yes, most all of them make it.

      The rain has been pounding all day and mom looks desheviled but she has had the mumbrella up for most of the day, protecting her young. There may be snow tonight.

    • I've read that the average survival rate is around 95% and that's based on sightings of the eaglets after they've left the nest. It seems when you have a nest of 3 eaglets, the odds that one gets bullied out and only two make it are increased, which would have an effect on the ratio, but I don't know if all that was figured into the 95% figure. How many nests have two vs. three I have no idea. But I'm betting that the care that the Daddy of this group is showing to the runt, that they all make it. Of course, the other twwo may kick his/her butt out of the nest before he's ready, that would make for a hard landing.
      If you look at how fast they've grown so far, one of the statements I read makes since; when the birds grow and room is tight, it doesn't really matter if the nest if 5 or 6 feet accross, there's only so much room.


      I love this stuff!!!

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      • On the other hand, it's my understanding that the Decorah's Eagles "sister nest" at Fort Vrain, Colorado (it is also usually broadcast on the web) lost all three of this year's eaglets to the elements - one somehow got on the lip of the nest, and before mom and dad could get him back, he became ill from the cold which led to his death - the other two caught pneumonia or something after a late season snowstorm -

        And, if you google "Delta Eagles" - it appears there are two pairs called "delta" - and both have a bad track record.....