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  • Nerf Nerf Mar 18, 2012 8:58 PM Flag


    ... Dale, Motor mouth, Razor and buck toothed Mr.Ed.

    ..stay off the message board losers.. year after year you hobos clog up the board with your UNwhitty UNclever and UNfunny posts...yeah yeah, i know and you can spell check DEEEZ nutz... take your ZERO NASCAR knowledge and greasy 1985 computer in get outta your mommas basement. then get a job maybe even a toothless girlfriend ... AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOODNESS STOP POSTING AROUND THE CLOCK 24/7 365.

    Sincerely, EVERYONE.

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    • WOOF!!!

      just wanted my posts back on top.


    • WoW, JimmyDee - forgot to address the thing about Tony Sr - that MUST have been some sort of misunderstanding - he is a REAL good guy, all about the humor, there....he can be gruff, but it's a persona....he's being Tony Eury, Senior - it started from the commercials, "You'n'me, both, Jr." That's why *You n' me, both, Jr,* is a catch-phrase out here - he probably thought he was playin' with YOU, and it turned out to be your son....

    • Yeah - and he embraces the part, ROFL.....

    • yeah and he actually participates in fantasy sports...in other words his sole purpose for being here, isnt to be disruptive.....i still think that he's a klown though...lol

    • Nerf is very different!!!!!!!!!!! from mojo.

      Nerf is, I believe, Jamaican? He can correct me if I have it wrong, but I am pretty sure. Thus, when he had problems with his computer the year he couldn't change his roster for a bit was understood - location & all had something to do with it.

    • We shall see, Paul W, LOL!

      But, I will say this - I couldn't concede it to a finer competitor!

    • I will say Nerf has been civil in this league. But the Gold will belong to me this year.

    • Not meant to be a tough question Joanie...just trying to understand some things better....If I knew everything you ever said to be was just in all fun...I might feel different about things....I just figure out where you draw the line on things with me.....Never could figure it....but I will say this much....I never have taken attacks on women out here on women very lightly....even with you

    • JimmyDee - it's all up to you, how you want to play it -

      We all really went head-to-head with Nerf a few years ago - it was what it was - and the major lines weren't crossed, but we talked smack about as far as you can take it without crossing those lines - and, he and I still have a good go-at each other out here when he stops in if we feel like it - but, he puts his $ where his mouth is, and is very civil and responsible on our mutual league - either way, I'm sure it doesn't matter to Nerf or me.....hee-hee, last year when he stopped in, I think it was you or John, Dear who said, "Wow, Joanie, I hope I never piss you off" - but Nerf took it like a Nerf....

      and, about 7 people joined the league he was smacking about 3 seasons ago, in order to try to put him in his place, but the manager was so horrified at his recruiting techniques he kicked Nerf off before the season started & anyone could try, LOL....Thus, I got him into the league with me - and, he admits, I've smacked down two years in a row - but once was because he had personal things happen that kept him for changing his roster & line-up for a few weeks, the other one was honest - I took the gold, LOL....

      This is just a Nerf drive-by, you know, smack for fun.....have a go and enjoy it for what it is, if you wish, both sides know the rules in this case.....I may, too, LOL!

    • Jimmy, you must know who Tony Sr. is?

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