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  • Pritzi Pritzi Mar 3, 2012 9:27 PM Flag


    Don't let the Devil get you ;) http://youtu.be/aGb8pMIeY6w

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    • Pritzi.....I know for sure that my grandson would lose it too, if the Easter Bunny peaked in the window like that!!!...great clip....I don't have much time right now (work stuff) but I hope you have a very happy Easter with your family sweetheart.....and I'm glad you didn't get affected by the bad weather.....IABHIYNMAILYF.....Mojo "you can nibble on my ears too" Workin

    • I can’t figure out what you are doing w/ your ID Mojo…it is showing up w/ both the new name & avatar. Hope you don’t have the same problem I did w/ mine. I changed it once & never could get it to work again correctly…the name kept flipping back & I never could get the Yahoo avatar to load for me again…so I started another one. As for the tornadoes, I am doing fine…TY for asking:) I’m glad I didn’t hit by them or hit w/ hail like so many others did…last year I had to get my roof replaced after all the damage I received off of one storm. Thank goodness no one was killed or seriously injured in those storms:) Good going on your score…I have some catching up to do. Last week helped some but so far my year has been so-so. As for the switch, it looks like some others are wanting to move around too & I may just move into yours which is good because there are less people there to compete w/ but I will let you know. Good thing we don't have a race going this week…it gives us some extra time. Don’t go buy any Jello Pudding Pops just yet (Good Lord..that sounds like a really bad C&W song)…everything so far is just fun :) All in all, I want to wish you a wonderful Good Friday & a Happy Easter!!! I just love this time of year…I see chocolate bunnies & I have an overwhelming desire to bite off their ears…have a good one Mojo & I will catch ya later:):):)

      PS...just remember some kids can view the Easter Bunny as a giant furry monster http://youtu.be/ja7jQ2N48Ec

    • First off kid…..I’ve been worried about you!!!....from what I’ve seen on TV, that tornado stuff was pretty serious!!....did it affect you in any way???.....let me know!!!.....I was gonna make a post this morning (see "Whoops")…..but I realized I hadn’t changed into my men’s clothing yet (per our bet)……hey, I’d like to know just how many total 18 wheelers Nascar uses each week….if you find it out, let me know…..good job with your 332 points, "you who "owns" me in a lot of sports"…..but I have close to 1700 points for the year!!!!....a total YOU can’t relate to, I’m sure Dollface!!!!…..and what IS the deal with the switch????.....it was supposed to happen before now….we’re at race 7 already!!....camping???....benefit???.....do I need to buy a 12 pack of Jello Pudding Pops???!!!!.....Mojo "I like to camp out too" Workin

    • Whoops

    • Don’t know if Nascar would really be interested in it but knowing how many 18 wheelers there are sure has peaked my curiosity. Some of my friends will be camping out for the TX race & and some of us are thinking about joining them…maybe we will try to get an est. then. As for our bet, you know my points beat yours so here is your choice…you can either continue to go an extra week by the name of Coccydynia Workin or you can go back to your old name but you have to wear men’s clothing (LOL…that just sounds funny to say :) )…but it is your choice. Hope you had a good race…I finally broke 300 with a 332 (ps…will let you know ASAP on that switch) & I am very happy with that :) I need to head out soon for a benefit for LaunchAbility…I can’t believe they scheduled the big event on the NCAA Championship game…even the Mavs are playing tonight. I sure hope the turn out is good...it really goes for a good cause & I have done volunteerwork for them since 02. I hope you have a good evening & catch ya later...take care :):)

    • Sorry Kid, I haven't had too many Bloody Marys!!!!....I'm just not slick at this posting Youtube stuff!!

    • I like that.....Nascar Neighborhood.....start reporting Kid.....you have a name for your series.....now get busy selling it to Speed, or the Reality TV folks!!!.....yea, I'm sure there would be HUGE interest from fans, and not just Nascar fans, outside of Nascar too.....ya mentioned your deal where you got stuck in traffic.....during race week in Vegas, they take all the haulers to the Strip, and "parade" them to the track.....I'm gonna take Ohio St over Kansas today for my pick....that gives you Kentucky -9 and Kansas +3, and I got Louisville +9 and http://youtu.be/Y3szM702OfkOhio St -3.....Coccydynia "the way you crush me on everything, I'll probably feel better when it's over" Workin http://youtu.be/Y3szM702Ofk

    • You know the way you say that…it makes it sound like you watch those "housewife" programs yourself. If that is the case, we need to shoot you now & put you out of misery….just kidding. I have seen some before & can’t stand them. But at least I watched 1 or 2 before I knocked it…unlike you!!! I don’t get the channel that "breaking bad" is on but it seems a little too "violent" from the clip you showed. You need a funny show every now & then for a good laugh but my all time favorite comedy was Cheers….I even had two cats named Cliff & Norm (who weighed 28 pounds)…how could you not love Norm http://youtu.be/HPqPAKqzx7M

    • Of all the sports, Nascar really does have the longest season of them all & it isn’t like they get to go "home" for a few "races" like you do in say….baseball & basketball. The closest analogy I can come up with to compare that sport to is "the circus coming to town". Each week is a different town & EVERYTHING must be transported to that town for the show/race. Basically, the only thing each town provides is track…in very simple terms. I would really like to see a show doing a break down of how they get ready for each race across the board with all teams. Show the diversification between the big teams like Hendrick to small team like Finch. Last year after 1 of the races here, we got stuck in a very late night traffic jam on 635. People were actually getting out of their cars to see what was going on. The really cool thing was all the 18 wheelers stuck on the highway too that were leaving town from the race….I kid you not there had to be at least 200 trucks from what I could see…it is amazing what has to go into putting a race on. I’m sure you are correct in saying that there are tons of good stories to be told. As for that "mobile community"…basically that is what it is…The NASCAR Neighborhood. 10 months on the road & the other "people" in those buses are basically really who their neighbors are. The wives get to know each other & their kids grow up playing with one another. I’m really kind of surprised that Nascar does not do more short stories on this angle for the fans to see. As for the Final 4...so hard to pick when it comes down to this…they really are all great teams but I will go with Kentucky. Don’t forget to lock in your picks & have a good Friday Night :)

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