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  • Pritzi Pritzi Mar 26, 2012 11:52 AM Flag


    Here is the latest clip to give you idea how all of this is starting to unfold & to give you perspective to Patricia….everybody sure is sounding HAPPY….take a listen to it all….very insightful http://youtu.be/XT-zowPx7Ck

    • I don't know if you remember Pritzi.....but in the very beginning, Tom Busch insisted that Kurt and Kyle sign with different teams.....that tactic was meant to "build their brand" in Nascar.....they both were obvious "can't misses" from the getgo!!!.....as in, if they were on the same team, they BOTH couldn't be the #1 priority.....so, to build their "clout", the old man steered them to different teams.....I maintain that if Nascar wouldn't have raised the entry age to 18, Kyle would have been a 16 or 17 year old Cup Series winner!!!....IMO, I don't think that's even up for argument.....the fact that Tom had a rule from the very beginning, that if his boys wanted to race cars, they had to be able to work on them first, shows he was thinking "long haul" even back then.....believe me, there is a "Busch Brothers Motorsports" Cup team in the NEAR future.....IIBTHAILYYNM.....Coccydynia "I got it right this time" Workin http://youtu.be/ruHm7IRkH-o


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