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  • Pritzi Pritzi Mar 25, 2012 1:19 PM Flag


    I know but I’m going to have to record it…..today is a big day!! For us it 6-4 but I only busted 1 of mine last night w/ the Gators. Both of those games were phenomenal. I think the reason I love college so much is because they play for the love of the game…not the money :) Big day for the Bears…they have not made it to the 4 since 1950. I’m too superstitious to be doing this but….48,16,15,43. (Ps, still not heard back on the switch up)…..Need to head out so have a good 1 Mojo & best of luck to you (just not more than me…hehehe). Glad the BABY liked it….here is another 1.…make sure you tell him the importance of using a blinker ;) http://youtu.be/MojZ6Ew0Vas


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